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After Bills Flop, Vikings Turn Attention To Rams

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) – Most Minnesota Vikings fans are probably still in shock after what we saw on Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The Buffalo Bills making the Vikings the victim of the biggest upset in the NFL in 23 years. But they’ve got no time to lick their sores. The L.A. Rams — one of the NFL’s best teams — awaits in just three days.

WCCO’s David McCoy tells us how the Vikings are approaching the tall order of turning things around quickly.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. But after a game like that, playing as poorly as they did, you can bet the Vikings are ready to move onto their next game.

“No matter if you win or lose, no matter what the margin is, you still have a game to prepare for the next week,” defensive lineman Stephen Weatherly said. “If you’re too busy celebrating a big win you just had, you’re going to miss out on the next team and you’re going to lose. If you’re too busy sulking about the loss you just took, you’re going to take another one.”

“We’re ready to dive right into L.A. It’s a short week, we have to get on them right away,” center Pat Elflein said. “Get our focus on them. Short-term memory is something key you have to have in this league. Whether it’s having a bad play, you got to move onto the next or a week that didn’t go the way you wanted to, you have to go right to the next one.”

There’s probably nothing the Vikings would rather do that erase every memory of that disastrous performance. But the fact is, there’s a lot they need to learn from it.

“Each week there’s always certain things that are going to show up in the game whether or not you noticed them going into the week before. Definitely sit down and watch the film today, keep moving forward,” center Brett Jones said. “I think any time you lose there’s obviously something you didn’t do right, and we’ve got to fix those things going forward.”

Play a team as good as the Rams, and they can certainly expose whatever flaws you didn’t fix. Incentive if there ever was one for the Vikings to get everything cleaned up.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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