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With other offers on the table, Dan Bailey chose win-now Vikings team

By Matthew Coller

Dan Bailey had plenty of interest when the Dallas Cowboys elected to release him following a training camp battle. The veteran kicker, who ranks second all time in field goal percentage, waited until he found a place where he could win.

Bailey signed with the Minnesota Vikings on Monday. The Vikings released rookie kicker Daniel Carlson, who missed three key kicks against the Green Bay Packers, including a 35-yard attempt as overtime expired.

That opened the door for Bailey to land with the Super Bowl contender he wanted.

“I spent seven years in Dallas and at this point in my career even though I’m still young – or I like to think I’m young – I wanted to go somewhere that had an opportunity to win and be a part of an organization that’s right there and right on the brink of having a lot of success,” Bailey said Wednesday. “When this situation came up it fit the bill perfectly. I can’t complain about eight games out of the year inside, that was a plus as well. The win-now mentality. The guys in the locker room have been great. It’s a really great locker room. It was a really easy decision for me.”

Bailey is no stranger to kicking under pressure. With the 13-3 Cowboys, he made 27-of-32 kicks and went 3-for-3 in Dallas’ home playoff game against the Packers.

“At the end of the day, the more situations you go through, the more you situations you see, you definitely learn,” Bailey said. “I’ve been fortunate over the years to see a lot of different situations, to be put in a lot of pressure situations. It’s always going to get your blood flowing a little bit but I’ve learned to enjoy that, to embrace that moment and to just keep it going.”

Bailey is coming off his toughest season in the NFL. He went just 15-for-20 and missed two extra points.

“Last year was a tough year for me,” Bailey said. “I started the year great. I felt really well. Had a little bit of a groin injury mid-October, somewhere in there, ended up missing four games and then came back. And yeah, just didn’t really finish the year like I wanted, obviously. So that was tough. That’s the first time I’ve ever missed any time, I think, even going back to high school. I’ve been very fortunate, I haven’t had any injuries throughout my career, so that was my first time dealing with that.”

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said he’s hoping that having a veteran kicker with a history of success will allow him to breathe easier when his kicker takes the field.

“This guy has been a really good kicker and you know, hopefully, he’s really, really good for us,” Zimmer said. “I kind of feel the same way about him as I felt about the quarterback position. Someone asked me the other day about the five years I’ve been here we’ve been trying to get that position solidified. If we can get that position solidified like we have with the quarterback, that would be good.”

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