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Cousins critical of his ‘process’ on several throws in Green Bay — including Thielen’s TD

By Matthew Coller

When the dust settled in Green Bay, the Minnesota Vikings left with a 29-29 tie and quarterback Kirk Cousins traveled back across the border with one of the best statistical performances of his career.

He also showed an ability to come from behind against a top-notch opponent and lead a game-winning drive.

But on Wednesday, Cousins wasn’t ready to bask in his 425-yard, four-touchdown performance. Instead he pointed out that he nearly cost his team the game with a critical mistake. Cousins threw an interception with under two minutes remaining that was negated by a roughing penalty on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

“I look at it as I can’t control the flag or what happens, the outcome obviously protected me, but the process, the ball should have been further in toward the hash,” Cousins said. “It was a poor throw, so results like that, I look back and you have to be hard on yourself and say, ‘how can I get better?’”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Cousins would be kicking himself over a play that came close to being a dagger for the Packers, but the Vikings’ quarterback also pointed out his brilliant pass for a 22-yard touchdown to Adam Thielen came close to costing them a game-tying drive.

“You even look at the touchdown pass to Adam Thielen and while the result was really good, I look at the result and say, ‘You know, that’s probably too close for comfort with how tight that safety was there,” Cousins said. “If You live by that, you’re going to die by that.’ And so there’s so many plays like those that you like the outcome, but you have to step back and look at the process and say, ‘how can I tighten that up so the results in the future are what I want.”

The Vikings’ offense has been explosive, but has hit a few rough patches over the first two games. They struggled in the fourth quarter against the 49ers and couldn’t finish off drives for the majority of last Sunday’s matchup against the Packers.

Cousins is looking for his offense to put together a more complete effort going forward.

“The final product you look back at it and say I felt like we did a lot of good things on offense, also you can break it up and say, I think we only had seven points entering the fourth quarter,” Cousins said. “So that was something you could also look back and say we’d love to be more explosive throughout the game as opposed to more concentrated to late in the game. We want to be an offense that can strike at any time, but also be a threat from the first quarter all the way through the last.”

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