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Favre says NFL has gone “too far” in protecting QBs, calls Matthews’ penalty “a bad call”

By Judd Zulgad

Brett Favre took plenty of hits during his 20 seasons in the NFL so the Hall of Fame quarterback must be happy to see the protection players at that position are getting now, right? Nope.

Favre, who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers and played his final two years with the Vikings, said Tuesday during his weekly appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the roughing the passer call on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews late in the fourth quarter Sunday against the Vikings was “a bad call” and that officials should have the opportunity to review those types of plays.

The penalty against Matthews nullified an interception thrown by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins that almost certainly would have given Green Bay the victory at Lambeau Field. Instead, Cousins orchestrated an eight-play, 75-yard drive that ended up tying the score in a game that ended in a 29-29 overtime tie.

There was plenty of criticism of the call by referee Tony Corrente, but the NFL backed the decision and said the Matthews hit will be shown to other teams as a teaching tool.

“I saw a textbook hit,” Favre said. “It wasn’t late. Clay has had a history of those type of plays. This one was textbook and if you’re going to use it as a teaching video you teach that this is the way we expect you to tackle. That’s the way I saw it. That’s neither being a Clay Matthews or Packer fan or a Minnesota Viking fan or hater. That was a bad call.”

Favre then brought up the idea of using replay to either uphold or overturn a roughing the passer call.

“Why not be able to review that?” he said. “I’m OK with the ref making a call right away, like he saw that, but he’s human. It ended up costing the Packers the win. I think we all can assume that and ultimately the game ended in a tie. But had that play not happened, as far as the call was concerned, you’ve got to believe the game is over.

“Why not make that a reviewable play? There will be arguments of why we should and why we shouldn’t, but the last thing any of us want, players, coaches, fans, is a bad call, or a call in general, determining the outcome of a game. Especially when they get it wrong and that was just outright the wrong call.”

There were six roughing the passer penalties in Week 2 bringing the total to 21 this season, according to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.

The main topic entering the season, at least when it came to the roughing the passer rule, was the emphasis that was going to be placed on a defender landing on a quarterback with too much of his weight. That became something the NFL wanted to clean up after Anthony Barr essentially ended Aaron Rodgers’ season in Week 6 of last year when the Vikings linebacker landed on the Packers quarterback and broke Rodgers’ collarbone.

But Corrente told a pool reporter Sunday that the reason he threw a flag on Matthews was because he lifted Cousins and drove him into the ground. Nonetheless, without the league being so focused on what happened to Rodgers in 2017 there is little chance Cousins gets that call in 2018.

“I think they have gone too far,” Favre said. “It hasn’t been that long since I retired but in some ways it’s like light-years away. This call was so bad and I think this call is a result of all the hype and the pressure to protect the quarterbacks. Being honest with you, to be a ref and to make these type of calls there is a tremendous amount of pressure.

“I think the result is always going to be erring on the side of caution, which goes back to being a reviewable play because this was costly, very costly to the Packers and obviously was very good for the Vikings. But you don’t want the game to be determined based on a call. You just don’t. You want the players to be the ultimate reason you win or lose. If you’re going to continue making these calls, and there’s going to be mistakes, you have to make it reviewable to correct them because it’s just not right.”

Favre will celebrate his 49th birthday on Oct. 10. How long would he have played if today’s rules were in place for him?

“I always joked with people, all the time, and I’d say, ‘If they had these rules when I played, I could have played 20 years,’” he said. “And then I go, ‘Wait a minute, I did play 20 years.’ The flip side of that is the way I played the game was a little more reckless, so you probably get a few less calls based on how you play. I believe that and I think that’s fair.”

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