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Vikings Hoping For Interior Help From Gossett, Conklin

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

colby gossett Vikings Hoping For Interior Help From Gossett, Conklin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings have now had a look at their rookie class.

The NFL Draft may be determined by how you did in the mid-to-late rounds — and there are two rookies that they need to help them up front.

Colby Gossett hails from Appalachian State. He is a tackle who is big and strong — indicated by his impressive bench press.

“The highest bench press I’ve ever gotten is like 480 [pounds], so, that’s like my strong point [laughs]!” Gossett said.

Colby Gossett (credit: CBS)

Ask Coach Mike Zimmer and he will tell you offensive linemen are difficult to project. Ask Gossett and he will tell you he is here to be physical — just like in college.

“That’s something that they really preached down there in App State was just very physical play, so a lot of the guys that I played with down in college, I mean, that’s the way that we play and that’s the way we were taught,” Gossett said.

Tyler Conklin could line up next to him one day. He is a tight end out of Central Michigan that has a basketball background.

Tyler Conklin (credit: CBS)

“[Having basketball experience means] moving around, that means having be in-line, be in the slot, being out wide. That’s what I did in college … I moved all over the field,” Conklin said.

He has an advantage: he gets to learn from Kyle Rudolph. In fact, he already has.

“I’ve been watching him since I was younger, [I] watched him at Notre Dame,” Conklin said. “And just to be able to come in here and learn from a tight end that’s as established as he is, a two-time Pro Bowler … I’m extremely excited just to, you know, just pick his brain and just watch him and … see the things he does and try to adapt them to my game.”

So Conklin has potential because he has athletic talent. Let the conversion process begin.

“Being 100-percent solid on the playbook and know what I’m doing so I’m not thinking, and just stand in the way so I’m strong enough to block,” he said.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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