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Vikings’ co-owner Mark Wilf trusting ‘the process’ on QB decision

By Matthew Coller

Minnesota Vikings co-owner Mark Wilf sat down with the Twin Cities media for a half hour on Wednesday afternoon to discuss playing host for the Super Bowl and the future of the team. At the top of the topic list is the Vikings’ future at quarterback.

The team will have tough decisions to make over the coming weeks. All three of their starting quarterbacks are free agents, leaving the Vikings with the option of franchise tagging either Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford or trying to sign one of them to a significant contract.

Before Bridgewater went down with a serious knee injury before the 2016 season, he was considered the no-doubt franchise QB, making it plausible that the Vikings could turn back to him if they feel his knee is fully recovered.

“I’ve been inspired the way he has come back from this injury, kept his head high throughout,” Wilf said. “I just think it shows a lot of leadership and the type of character he is. We knew that before the injury and we just saw it even more over the last year and a half. Great individual. Personally just proud and inspired about how he’s come back.”

As you might expect, ownership will be involved in the Vikings’ decision at quarterback.

Throughout his interview, Wilf expressed frustration over the way the Vikings ended the season – with a 38-7 loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s hard to say exactly how much the season’s finish will impact the way the Vikings view Keenum.

“We’re constantly communicating with [GM Rick Spielman] and coach Zimmer,” Wilf said. “There’s going to be a process, we’re going to get the coordinator in, need to review where we’re at. We’re in a situation, thankfully, where we had three – really four – solid quarterbacks on our roster. I know we need to improve our team to get where we want to get. So as good as we had of a team, we can’t rest on our laurels. Great franchises continue to improve and don’t stay stagnant.”

The quarterback market isn’t a friendly one to front offices and owners. Teams are forced to either buy into a QB long term at a crazy-high price (see Smith, Alex and his $71 million guaranteed) or try to play the year-to-year game until they can truly lock onto a franchise QB.

Wilf points to Keenum as an example of a quality quarterback that can be found on the market.

“We still have to trust the process, look at last year, we went through a process in free agency and we picked up Case Keenum as a backup quarterback,” Wilf said. “Many people say it might be the second most important position on a football team. It’s about getting to a process and trusting it.”

The Vikings will have the option of putting themselves in the mix for free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, who is likely to demand in the range of $30 million per year. Judging by the franchise’s history, there are also a number of other options that might come as surprises.

“You’re going to have aberrations all over the board, look this year we had a lot of surprises of who was at the quarterback position of the final four teams,” Wilf said. “We trust the process and we evaluate and make sure we have the right kinds of players and hopefully it works out.”

How important is it for the Vikings to find a long-term quarterback?

”That’s certainly the dream scenario,” Wilf said. “That’s something we’re always working on.”

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