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Zulgad: It’s time for Vikings’ fans to realize where their anger should be directed

By Judd Zulgad

Vikings fans, we need to have a chat. I have a feeling you’re not going to like what you’re about to hear, or in this case read, but that’s not my concern. Interventions aren’t popular but they are often necessary.

This is one of those times.

This intervention regards your feelings toward the NFC title game. You know the one the Vikings were favored in against Philadelphia but ended up losing by 31 points. That was the game that put the Eagles in Sunday’s Super Bowl against the New England Patriots in downtown Minneapolis.

The feeling that I needed to get involved came Monday night at the silly circus the NFL used to call media day but now has turned into a prime-time television event titled Super Bowl Opening Night.

The Patriots were the featured attraction from 7:10 to 8:10 p.m. at Xcel Energy Center. The Eagles were to be featured from 9 to 10 p.m., leaving a 50-minute gap in-between what amounts to goofy press conferences with 11 players from each team sitting at a station answering questions and other players wandering around the arena floor doing the same.

It was during that 50-minute gap that the captains from both teams were introduced. This included Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Eagles QB Nick Foles. There were Eagles and Patriots fans among those sitting in the stands observing the proceedings and there also was plenty of purple from still despondent Vikings fans.

It was those fans who showered Foles with boos. That anger is misguided.

Listen, I get the frustration of Vikings fans but, folks, you’re not upset with the Eagles players. You have every right to be mad at the Eagles’ barbaric fans – yes, it might be a small fraction of Philadelphia fans, but these people are criminals, not pests – but if you’re really angry about that dreadful day in Philly you need to realize your anger needs to be directed much closer to home.

It needs to be directed at the Vikings.

Mike Zimmer had the NFL’s best defense this season – and one of the most impressive in franchise history – and a collection of players who managed to win 13 regular-season games. It was the second-most victories in a season in franchise history. The Vikings went into that game against the Eagles favored to win and with little indication that a team strength was about to fall apart.

And then they got embarrassed.

Doug Pederson outcoached Zimmer; Foles outplayed Case Keenum; Harrison Smith and the secondary played a game that was unrecognizable to those who had watched them all season. Yes, Foles, his teammates and the Eagles fans mocked the Vikings “Skol” chant by turning it into a “Foles” chant, but if the Vikings had mocked an opponent up 31 we would have found it hysterically funny.

That’s why if any team came away from that game deserving to feel the wrath of the fans it was the Vikings. This wasn’t a tough loss, it was a complete meltdown that remains hard to comprehend.

So before you boo Foles and his teammates again, remember this. The team you’re really upset with is the one that could have been playing this Sunday if they hadn’t collapsed when it mattered most.

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