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Vikings’ Forbath Prepared If Eagles Playoff Game Comes Down To Him

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

kai forbath Vikings Forbath Prepared If Eagles Playoff Game Comes Down To Him

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We probably don’t need to remind you, but the Minnesota Vikings have quite a history with playoff field goal attempts.

If it comes down to that again, this time it will be on Kai Forbath’s shoulders to deliver — and he says he’s ready.

It kind of got lost in the shuffle of the “Minneapolis Miracle” that followed, but had the New Orleans Saints not scored beforehand, we would be talking about a Vikings kicker delivering a playoff game-winner for once.

Which is why the fact that Forbath nailed a 53-yarder with 92 seconds to go might be a bigger deal than you would think.

Kai Forbath (credit: CBS)

“It was definitely a big one, because if we miss it, you know, then the game’s over,” Forbath said.

And if it comes to that again, the fact that he came through with a 49 and a 53 yarder in just the previous playoff fourth quarter can only help, right?

“Yeah, I mean, you build on makes like that. Just take the confidence over to the next kick,” he said.

Forbath is fully aware of his predecessors’ failures. He hears plenty from fans.

“Unfortunately they still bring up the past. I wish they could move on from it, it’s been years … And it didn’t involve me,” Forbath said. “But there’s also been a lot of supportive ones and, you know, positive and just encouraging.”

So, do kickers relish or dread the idea of it all coming down to them?

“I think if you dread it then you’re probably in the wrong profession, so, that’s kind of what you want,” he said. “We work hard and practice a lot, kick a lot of balls, so that case where it comes down to you is kind of what you’ve been doing all this work for. So you just kind of have to be confident and know that you can make it.”

That’s what a fan likes to hear.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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