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Minnesota Is Hot With Vikings Fever

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

vikings fan sign Minnesota Is Hot With Vikings Fever

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It seems right now like the “Skol” chant could break out anywhere at any time.

Vikings fans will never forget last weekend’s miracle finish, but they now have their sights set on Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Purple Friday” means young and old were sporting Vikings colors as we head into the weekend, and Sunday night’s kickoff can’t get here soon enough.

“I wear a Harrison Smith jersey, I always wear this hat and usually [drink] a Captain Coke,” said one Vikings fan.

Megan Pierson is only 5 years old, so she has plenty of time to develop game-day superstitions and rituals that life-long Vikings fans have come to rely on.

“We all wear the same thing, we drink the same thing, sometimes we even bring the same food,” said Vikings fan Barb Weisman.

(credit: CBS)

Even when they have the right jersey, right food and right beverage, there is still a little anxiety as kickoff nears.

“I’m nervous now. We were just walking over here from lunch and I asked my girlfriend if she had a Valium for Sunday because I think I’m going to need it,” said Vikings fan Allison Renneke.

But no Valium or pre game rituals will be needed at the Minnesota Masonic Home — just a good afternoon nap before game time.

“Our guys are so good we don’t need to send vibes,” said 87-year-old fan Ladonna Stephens.

The Skol chant, however, is a must. When 90 year olds are doing the chant, you know something big is on the horizon.

“We’ve got to win! We’ve got to win! We all have to help them win on Sunday,” said 97-year-old fan Jeanette Dorrian.

“They’re going to win it because I’ve got a bet on it. I went to Vegas two weeks ago and I made a bet on the Vikings winning the Super Bowl,” said 94-year-old fan Donald Gerk.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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