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Jon Gruden with Case Keenum from an old ‘QB Camp’ is great on a number of levels

By Derek Wetmore

On Monday’s morning radio show on 1500ESPN, Phil Mackey & Judd Zulgad dug up an old Jon Gruden QB Camp episode with former Houston Cougar Case Keenum.

That clip is making the rounds in the national media, now that Keenum and his pal Stefon Diggs are the talk of the NFL for their miraculous pitch-and-catch touchdown with time expiring Sunday.

To protect myself legally, I’m not going to share the clips from the full episode. But I was able to find a few highlights on YouTube and I’d encourage interested readers to do the same.

There are three things that I really enjoyed about that particular episode:

  • Nobody will ever be as Jon Gruden as Jon Gruden is. Not ever.
  • Case Keenum seems like he’s the same humble and confident guy during that episode as we’ve seen play out during press conference this whole year. Press conferences that should have been awkward, by the way, given the QB situation Minnesota faced.
  • I love that we’re all retrospectively assigning credit to Gruden for telling Keenum to ‘be ready’ for his moment. Like, isn’t that what every football coach in history has said to a talented player as he gets set to go to the next level?

A few of my favorite quotes (please read them in your head in your best Gruden voice):

“You know what I love about you, Keenum? You’ve’ got some serious guts, man. Some of these throws you make, from awkward body positions, guys beating right down on you. These are some of my favorite plays that make me say that there is no doubt that you’re going to be just fine. Not many guys can stare down the gun barrel like this and throw a strike. Bro, that’s a great throw!”

I just like that because it’s Gruden to a T.

Or how about nihilistic Gruden?

“Does the [NFL] draft really matter? … Does the draft really matter? Does it matter? At the end of the day, at the end of your career, at the end of time, does it really matter?”


And here’s the bit that we’re all latching onto as omniscient Gruden.

“All it takes is one coach that believes in you. Take a note here: Just be ready because you will get your chance,” he said. “You’re going to be all right, Keenum. You just keep working, you just keep competing. Somebody’s going to take you. Somebody’s not; somebody’s going to be sorry.”

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Source:: 1500 ESPN Sportswire

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