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Is Destiny On The Vikings’ Side?

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, you didn’t sleep well Sunday night.

The season was over. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees led his offense to a field goal with 25 seconds left, giving New Orleans a 24-23 lead. The Vikings had one timeout left, but we’ve seen this story before.

The only feasible chance was for Case Keenum to navigate sideline throws to give the Vikings a chance for a game-winning field goal. But the Vikings don’t get that kind of fortune, ever. After all, this is Minnesota sports we’re talking about.

We’ve seen the Vikings come close plenty of times before, only to give their fans a gut punch. There was the Drew Pearson push-off. There was “Taking a Knee” in 1999. There were “12 Men in the Huddle” out of a timeout in 2010, and there was Brett Favre throwing across his body. There was “Wide Left” in 1999, and Blair Walsh.

Then, it happened. In the emotion of the moment, Stefon Diggs probably doesn’t realize what he accomplished with his game-winning 61-yard touchdown catch from Case Keenum. It was more than a game-winning touchdown. It was a public, live exorcism for more than 65,000 football fans. It was one play that made us forget about all the heartbreak, four lost Super Bowls and all the times we’ve gone “all in” on the Vikings, only to have our hearts ripped from our chest.

It was one play that made grown men cry tears of joy. Finally, fans could embrace and have a 12-ounce celebration, rather than drowning sorrows.

It’s also a play that almost never got the chance to happen.

The Vikings could’ve won the game on defense with a stop on fourth-and-10, but Drew Brees did what he does, found an open receiver for a first down. The Saints also faced a third-and-1, and with a first down, could’ve drained the clock to kick a game-winning field goal without giving the Vikings the ball back. But Eric Kendricks and others swarmed Alvin Kamara for no gain.

Then, it happened. Keenum got the ball back with 25 seconds and a timeout. He found Diggs on a deep sideline route, and for whatever reason, Marcus Williams launched and whiffed on the tackle. Diggs had nothing but green turf in front of him.

But wait. Did he step out of bounds? Any flags on the play? Did anything happen that possibly could’ve negated the play? The answer is no.

The second-best moment of the night? Keenum leading the Vikings fans in a “Skol” chant after the winning touchdown, before taking a knee on the PAT to end the game.

Now, the Vikings are one win away from playing Super Bowl LII in their home stadium. They head to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. It begs the question, is this the Vikings’ year? Are they the team of destiny?

We don’t know that yet, but it’s hard not to think so. That Diggs play just isn’t something that happens to the Vikings or Minnesota sports fans. We haven’t experienced something like that since Kirby Puckett’s walk-off home run in the World Series. Only this time, it’s not “We’ll see you tomorrow night.” It’s “We’ll see you next Sunday.”

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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