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Case Keenum not phased by Vikings’ in-flux QB situation

By Matthew Coller

Case Keenum has seen this movie before.

With the Minnesota Vikings officially activating Teddy Bridgewater on Wednesday, the biggest question surrounding the team now is when Bridgewater will start again.

Head coach Mike Zimmer announced that Keenum will start against Washington, but would not say where the QB position is headed beyond this week.

“We’ll just see how it goes,” Zimmer said. “We’ll see where we are at, where we’re going. Case [Keenum] has done great. We’ll just keep going from there and see how this thing all plays out.”

While the Vikings have come home with wins in five of seven appearances by Keenum, the franchise quarterback’s presence is looming. But the veteran backup was in a similar spot last season after beating No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff for the opening day starting job.

“I think a lot of things in my life have prepared me for future things,” Keenum said. “I just got asked a few questions about Jared Goff. Last year every interview I did was about Jared so I’ve been prepared whether it’s Sam [Bradford] or Teddy [Bridgewater] or whoever else, I’ve been prepared for these types of situations.”

According to Keenum, there won’t be a rivalry in the quarterback room. He said the Bridgewater has been active on the sideline during games, even pointing out a certain route that should be used against the Bucs that eventually turned into a big play.

“Teddy’s been awesome, he really has,” Keenum said. “From when I came in the Spring, being able to help on how to communicate with different guys offensively, then seeing things from a different point of view during games. He was a big help.”

Keenum has been sharing some first-team reps in practice with Bridgewater. Head coach Mike Zimmer said that Bridgewater mixes in during each period of practice. But the Vikings’ situation in practice will get more complex as the team tries to get Bridgewater closer to playing without sacrificing time for Case.

“Well we had guys run at him,” Zimmer said. “There’s no tackling in training camp on the quarterbacks either. First time he tackled will be in a game, just like it would be in the regular season.”

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