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Cordarrelle Patterson tweets at Adrian Peterson: ‘Bruh come join the dark side’

By Derek Wetmore

Either Cordarrelle Patterson secretly is Star Wars buff, or he’s working to get his old teammate out to Oakland to join the Raiders. (Maybe both?)

The new Raiders receiver tweeted his pitch to Adrian Peterson — who officially will not be back with the Vikings — on Thursday night.

@AdrianPeterson Bruh come join the dark side#RaiderNation

— cordarrelle (@ceeflashpee84) March 17, 2017

The tweet has more than 1,000 retweets and more than 1,500 favorites. It’s interesting, but it’s unlikely Patterson holds a lot of sway in Peterson’s decision making process. It’s unclear at this point where his priorities lie, and it’s also not certain how much other teams around the league value Peterson.

The only thing that is readily apparent is that the Vikings didn’t value Peterson at $18 million for next season. And they didn’t value him more than the more modest salary of free agent Latavius Murray, whom they signed to replace Peterson.

Is Latavius Murray a fit for Vikings’ offense?

The Raiders, for their part, likely will look to do something to replace Murray. There’s a report Friday that says the team will try to convince Marshawn Lynch to end his retirement to wear the black and silver. If the reports are true, what does that say about the team’s interest in Peterson? One running back made it clear he believes he has at least 7 years left in the tank. The other retired in 2015.

Many people believe that the running back group in this year’s draft has a lot of ability. Vikings GM Rick Spielman said it’s the deepest draft class he’s ever seen at the position. So teams that are looking for a cheaper alternative in the backfield could go that route.

There’s at least one other team that lost a featured running back and hasn’t replaced him yet: The Green Bay Packers. Wouldn’t that be an interesting destination for the former Vikings great?

Is it possible Adrian Peterson won’t find a new team?

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