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Timberwolves Ticket Prices Among Lowest In NBA

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

gettyimages 645405444 Timberwolves Ticket Prices Among Lowest In NBA

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tickets to Minnesota sporting events can seem out of reach to many working families. By the time you buy seats, park and get something to eat, it all adds up.

A recent study found the Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the most affordable teams to see in the NBA.

From the moment a ticket is scanned, there is an energy walking into an arena.

“Crowd is pumped up, really excited to see the Wolves play,” said fan Jimmy McNeil.

The entertainment is more than the cost to get in the door, and the experience comes at a price.

“The parking, a couple snacks,” said dad Tim Olene.

ValuePenguin found the average Minnesotan needs to work five hours to afford three Timberwolves tickets, parking and food.

It factored in the average ticket cost of $37 dollars, along with parking, three hot dogs, two beers and a soda for a total of $111.81.

“We’re trying to think of not just only the people who can afford the first ten rows in the lower bowl, but we’re trying to think of the people who, you know, might want to make just one night out a year,” said Brad Ruiter, the Timberwolves’ vice-president of communications.

The Timberwolves are third in the affordability ranking compared to other NBA teams. The most affordable is the Washington Wizards, and the least is the New York Knicks.

(credit: Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

Ruiter says the team wants to remain competitive and affordable. They have the most control over the ticket price, which is set in the summer.

“When we’re discussing pricing and things like that, we’ll look at market size, we’ll look at, you know, what our friends in the market place are doing as well. We want to make sure we remain competitive with the other entertainment options in town,” Ruiter said.

On ticket price alone, here’s where prices fall for Minnesota’s other professional teams:

  • Twins tickets range from $8 to $117. The average price is $33.
  • There are 18 price points for Vikings tickets — from $50 to $400. The average ticket cost is $100.
  • Wild season ticket holders get the best value, with offerings from $25 per game up to $270.
  • The franchise utilizes demand-base pricing on individual tickets, so the cost varies depending on the rivalry, marquee teams or big name players.

    Fans who fill the seats want to feel like they are getting the best experience for what they spend, for whichever team they support.

    “The opportunity to get into the arena, even if you’re up higher, it’s still a great experience,” said mom Tanya Robinson.

    There are seven more home games in the regular Timberwolves season. The Wild are still playing, and the Twins’ home opener is less than a month away on April 3.

    Click here for Wolves ticket information.

    Source:: CBS Minnesota

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