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Vikings locker room quiet despite slide

By Matthew Coller

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — A reporter asked Cordarrelle Patterson to comment on the Minnesota Vikings’ offense, which went 2-for-10 on Thursday against the Detroit Lions and scored just 13 points. Patterson rolled his eyes and walked into the back room.

That was the feel of the Vikings’ locker room on Sunday. Only four players stopped to talk about the team’s collapse from 5-0 .

The Vikings’ season is far from over as they face the 10-1 Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night, then play four games against struggling teams.

“I think we’re fine,” Greenway said. “This is the NFL, this is part of it. You guys have been around long enough to know that good things can happen to teams that are in our situation.”

Minnesota’s veteran linebacker points out the 2012 version of the Vikings was 6-6 and won the final four games to earn a playoff berth. In 2011, the New York Giants had a four-game losing streak and went on to win the Super Bowl.

In order to be a special team, however, the Vikings will have to come through in big situations. Their first game against Detroit ended with the Lions cruising down the field for a touchdown in overtime. In Washington and Detroit, the Vikings had the ball on the final drive and couldn’t come through either time.

“We haven’t played well in critical situations, which makes it tough to handle, it makes it emotionally tough after a loss that you didn’t execute quite well enough in those situations,” Greenway said.

The Vikings’ season has been derailed in part by injuries on the offensive line. The team is hopeful they will have center Joe Berger and tackle Jeremiah Sirles back against Dallas. Boone said he has never seen an O-line take so many injuries, but the Vikings have to avoid focusing on things that haven’t gone their way.

“I think it kind of sank in, we ate it, this is the NFL and it’s unforgiving,” Boone said. “You play a Thursday game, then you gotta play another Thursday game. You move on quick, learn from it. There’s some good things we did [against Detroit] and there’s some bad things. We can’t continue to do bad things. We gotta change that and change criticical situations.”

Minnesota’s defense still ranks as one of the best in the league, allowing just 17.5 points per game, but they have also had moments in which a stop would have stopped the slide and it didn’t come.

“It’s tough, but it’s the NFL, you have to find ways to win,” Barr said.

The close losses would suggest that the Vikings aren’t far away from turning the ship in the right direction. But if you wanted the team to send a “don’t give up on us yet” message to the fans who fill up their $1.1 billion dollar palace (nearly $500 million of which came from taxpayers), well, you’d be sorely disappointed.

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