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‘Ready to roll,’ Adrian Peterson talks playoffs, urgency with age and Marshawn Lynch

By Andrew Krammer

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — The Vikings made the playoffs in two of Adrian Peterson’s first three NFL seasons. And just once in the five years after.

Now, the Vikings are one of 12 teams still playing while 20 other clubs are out and hundreds of players have already emptied their lockers. Peterson, 30, has openly talked about his view on football and life has evolved with age, and his appreciation for the playoffs are no different.

“Stand back thinking about, ‘wow, didn’t imagine it’d take this long to be back in the postseason,’” Peterson said Thursday. “It means a lot. This is what we talked about going into the season. Winning the NFC North, we were able to accomplish that.

“This week, kind of been taking it in and enjoying it. Sitting back, thinking ‘hey, there’s a lot of teams and a lot of players that had their exit physicals done on Monday and Tuesday. We’re still here in the building working.’ You can’t take it for granted. Just appreciate it and you try to extend that.”

Peterson, the 2015 rushing champion, will play on Sunday despite being held out of practice on Wednesday and Thursday with a low back injury suffered last weekend in the NFC North-clinching victory at Green Bay. He’s preparing to face a juggernaut Seahawks defense that hasn’t allowed a 100-yard rusher all season, including limiting Peterson to 18 yards on eight carries last month.

“I’m good. Feeling good,” Peterson said. “Was able to rest the body [Thursday]. I’ll be ready to roll on Sunday.”

He covered a few other noteworthy topics in his weekly press conference with local media.

How does making the playoffs at this point of your career feel?

Peterson: “It’s definitely important. Coming in 2007 and making the playoffs in 2009. Here we are now, 2016, and I’m 30. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to play. You kind of look back and say ‘Wow, we didn’t have that many opportunities.’ You’re able to see how fast time can go without being able to make it into the postseason. The sense of urgency is definitely there on the behalf of us. That’s why we’ve been coaching these young guys to be prepared and not take it for granted.

“It’s like prelims at a track meet. You get into that final heat to run for the gold medal. There’s nothing like actually being in position to go after that gold medal.”

Does this 2015 team feel more like the 2009 or 2012 playoff team?

Peterson: “’09. Of course, Teddy’s not a Hall of Fame quarterback, but he’s definitely getting the job done. Each week he continues to get better. I’d say as far as the receivers, we have a lot of athletes offensively and they’re able to make plays. And our defense is as good as it has been here in Minnesota. I feel like all phases are playing well. Special teams as well. I feel like we have a great opportunity ahead of us.”

What have you thought of Marshawn Lynch’s career as a running back?

Peterson: “Marshawn, I remember coming out with him. We trained together in Arizona. I knew he was a force to be reckoned with. ‘Beast Mode’ for a reason. He’s a physical runner, plays fast. His lateral movement, cuts and his vision is top of the line. I would have to say, even though he didn’t play this year much, I’d say he’s probably the second-best back in the league. I’d give it to him hands down.

Is Lynch like you?

“He’s a little shorter. I think what I got on him is a little more speed, I don’t think he has the same jump cut as me. But his lateral movement and ability to power through guys is amazing.”

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