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Metrodome Roof Set For Deflation Saturday

By sdswanson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – On Friday, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority called their final meeting before the Metrodome’s roof comes down.

The MSFA says it all depends on Saturday’s weather. If the wind is too strong, they won’t be able to deflate the roof.

But if things go as scheduled, the massive dome will come down. Cameras will be placed inside the stadium and on buildings surrounding it.

People will be able to watch a minute-by-minute feed of the deflation from the inside and out.

MSFA Chair Michele Kelm-Helgen says she doesn’t want people coming down to the construction site Saturday.

“We really are not encouraging people to come down. We do think that there are safety issues with big crowds of people, you know, wandering around a construction area, trying to get views, that kind of thing,” Kelm-Helgen said.

The MSFA is now officially involved in a law suit to stop tax dollars from going toward the stadium. Members say the lawsuit would stop millions in bond funds that they need to make key payments.

The board does not have a back-up plan if those behind the lawsuit win.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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