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Ponder Cleared To Play Against Panthers. Will He Start?

By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN – It’s been a bit of a whirlwind in Minnesota for the past few weeks when you take a look at the quarterback position. When Christian Ponder popped onto the injury report two weeks ago with a rather convenient fractured rib, the entire season plan at quarterback was thrown out the window. Matt Cassel was moved to starter for the London game (where he performed wonderfully) and then they acquired Josh Freeman off of the waiver wire. Thursday, October 10th simply brings with it another twist in this crazy story.

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, former starting quarterback Christian Ponder has been cleared for play this weekend against the Carolina Panthers.

This brings into question once again, who is Minnesota’s starting quarterback?

There’s one thing that we know so far, we can rule out Josh Freeman as the starter for this weekend. In fact, Freeman will likely be deactivated, but handcuffed to Bill Musgrave’s side while he continues to get a crash course on the Vikings offensive playbook. From there it’s a mystery.

All throughout this odd quarterback situation, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier has stuck to his guns saying that, if healthy, Christian Ponder is the Vikings’ starting quarterback. Well according the this report he’s healthy, so will he start this weekend? It’s probably still doubtful. More likely, Ponder got a clean bill of health so that he can serve as Matt Cassel’s backup this weekend if things were to go awry.

The Vikings drew a line in the sand when they brought in Josh Freeman last weekend. For all intents and purposes that was their first admission that Christian Ponder is not the QB of the future for Minnesota. Now it’s time to draw another line. It’s time take a stand and bench a healthy Christian Ponder to give this team it’s best chance to win this weekend by starting Matt Cassel.

It won’t happen until Friday afternoon, but Coach Frazier NEEDS to come out and say it. Matt Cassel is our starter and Christian Ponder is our backup…for now. After this week, it’s completely up in the air.

Aj Mansour covers Minnesota Sports for Feel free to leave comments and questions regarding this post in the space provided below. For Vikings updates and breaking Vikings news, follow Aj on Twitter. @AjKFA

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