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MN Vikings Tweets

Bleacher Report – Vikings

Week 4 Preview: Vikings Vs. Steelers

This isn’t exactly the start to the season we were all hoping for, was it? Visions(perhaps delusional, in hindsight) of a return to the playoffs danced in the heads of many fans just a little over three weeks ago. Yet, after three straight weeks of disappointment, the road to the playoffs is looking mighty […]

Is Adrian Peterson Enough to Carry Minnesota Vikings Offense to the Playoffs?

By Giancarlo King (Featured Columnist) Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Although the NFL has been dubbed as a “quarterback league” in recent years—for a deeper look into this transition, check out Bleacher Report NFL National Leader Writer Michael Schottey’s article—when it comes down to it, running the football is still a key element to any successful offense.


Mackey: Of Christian Ponder, the modern NFL QB... and Tommy Maddox


We are in a golden age of quarterback play in the NFL.

Quarterbacks are throwing the ball more than ever, rules cater toward keeping quarterbacks healthy, and offenses are increasingly ramping up pace of play by using the no-huddle.

In 1990, exactly one quarterback threw for 4,000 yards (Warren Moon), and one quarterback […]

The national media thinks the Vikings are going to be pretty mediocre

There appears to be a disconnect between how local followers – fans, media, etc. – and national followers view the Minnesota Vikings’ chances in the NFC this season.

Locally, it’s safe to say most people believe the Vikings – despite a tougher schedule, especially on the road – can get back to the 10 or […]

The Morning After: Five Observations From Vikings Vs. Texans

Photo: Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Aj Mansour | @AjKFAN

Minneapolis, MN – Football games are generally a lot to take in on the spot. The use of instant replay helps to take a look back at a few particular plays, but to really walk away from a game and make grandiose […]