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Join the Fan Club at Craft Republic 12/10/18

If you stay at home this Sunday (December 10), you will be stuck with watching the Cowboys playing at the Giants at 11 AM…so you will want to come out to Craft Republic to watch the NFC leading Minnesota Vikings take on the host Carolina Panthers. We had a good crowd on Sunday where […]

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings 15th Season Game ABQ Fan Club Meetup

Please join the Minnesota Vikings Fan Club of New Mexico at the Fox & Hound for the fifteenth game of the season. The game starts at 6:30pm Mountain Time.

The (6-8) New York Giants travel to Minneapolis to take on the Vikings (9-5). This is our second to the last game of the regular […]

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers 11/23/14

The eleventh game of the season against the Green Bay Packers starts at 11:00am Mountain time Sunday, 11/23 and we will start congregating at 10:30am.

Green Bay is a division rival that we will be playing at home. They have had some great play lately which we are hoping we can turn around just […]

Erasmus James to attend our Fan Club meeting tomorrow!

Hello Vikings Fans….

We are probably all bummed about the news regarding All Day Adrian Peterson. I always enjoyed hanging out with Adrian and suffering through his killer handshakes. Hope he gets through things OK and can rejoin his teammates sooner vs. later.

This isn’t about AP though, this is about Erasmus James, a Vikings […]

First Vikings Fan Club Meeting at Slate Street Billiards 8/16 5pm

We are going to have our first Minnesota Vikings Fan Club of New Mexico fan club meeting during the Vikings @ Buffalo Bills game on August 16th at 5pm.

If things go well, we will have the game on the big screen. Even if it isn’t on Direct TV, we will work out a […]

Hello Minnesota Vikings Fans!

Welcome to the Minnesota Vikings Fan Club of New Mexico!

Most of my adult years were spent in Minnesota so of course I became a Minnesota Vikings fan. I briefly moved to El Paso, TX where there was a very strong Minnesota Vikings fan club and was disappointed when I moved to the Albuquerque, New […]