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Ten teams scheduled for five prime-time appearances

By Josh Alper The NFL has scheduled 10 teams to make five prime-time appearances during the 2019 season. That list includes both of the teams playing in the opening game of the year. The Packers and Bears will face off on Thursday, September 5 in a matchup chosen to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season and then go on [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

Kirk Cousins Says He’s Ready For 2nd Year As Vikings QB

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Kirk Cousins has had a busy offseason.

It’s included some time with Fran Tarkenton in Atlanta to talk quarterback, and some time last week at the Final Four in Minneapolis to watch his team, Michigan State, now playing in his town at his stadium.

“I thought the Twin Cities did a great job hosting and it was a great venue,” Cousins said. “I had always wanted to go to a Final Four, and I think the stars aligned to have it be in my home city with my alma mater playing there, so it was a lot of fun for me and my dad to be there and take that in.”

He’s also had plenty of time to look back to last season, and to analytically decide what needs to change.

“If the other metrics are all there like they were last year, but then the explosive plays are higher … I think that will be a very telling thing,” Cousins said.

Krik Cousins (credit: CBS)

Part of that comes from a new coach to oversee it. Gary Kubiak is in, and he’s familiar with Cousins conceptually and what he wants.

“He’s a great coach. His track record says it all, and, you know, [offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski] will work really well with him, and I think it will help all of us,” he said.

The offense has to be more balanced and the offensive line is a key. It has to have a different rhythm, and getting there is as much art as it is science.

“If you run the football well, have it marry with your play-action game so that the defense doesn’t know what’s coming, you can slow down the pass rush, you can create some open windows down the field for those explosive plays, you can stay out of third down,” he said.

And then there is the experience factor. This is Cousins’ second year in a system, in the same city.

“Just like any of you who have worked somewhere for several years, your second year there, you’re probably more comfortable than you first year,” Cousins said. “I don’t know how to articulate that, but whatever the words are that would sum that up is what I feel going into year two.”

Source:: CBS Minnesota

Monday Night Football slate kicks off with Texans and Saints

By Josh Alper A pair of 2018 playoff teams will square off in the first Monday night game of the 2019 season. The NFL’s schedule was released on Wednesday night and it shows that the Texans will be in New Orleans to face the Saints on Monday Night Football in Week One. In addition to that game, the [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

Charges: Daniel Escamilla Swindled Vikings In Luxury Suite Scam

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Attorney’s office has charged 39-year-old Daniel Escamilla with passing bad checks in order to rent out luxury suites for Minnesota Vikings games.

Escamilla, from San Francisco, was charged Wednesday with three counts of theft by swindle.

According to the criminal complaint, Escamilla signed a contract on September 5, 2018, to rent a luxury suite for a Vikings-49ers game at U.S Bank Stadium on September 9. More than a week later, the Vikings contacted Escamilla to say the check had been returned because his bank account had been closed. Escamilla said he was sorry, then preceded to write another $225,000 in checks to the team to rent luxury suites for several other games.

A U.S. Bank Stadium luxury suite (credit: CBS)

The team soon found that those checks were also connected to closed accounts, and a web search revealed Escamilla had run a similar scam in another state. The Vikings lost $35,000 in total from their dealings with him.

Investigators also found that Escamilla signed a lease at a luxury downtown Minneapolis apartment building in August of 2018. Management said he threw a big party in the apartment before the aforementioned 49ers game, but never paid rent or even a security deposit. He was evicted in late September.

Escamilla’s whereabouts are currently unknown, and a warrant is out for his arrest.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

Mike Remmers recovering from back surgery

By Josh Alper The Vikings released veteran offensive lineman Mike Remmers in March and visited the Giants a short time later, but remains unsigned a month after that visit came to an end. Remmers’ health may be part of the reason why he remains a free agent. His agent Brett Tessler said on Wednesday that Remmers is recovering [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

Wednesday’s PFTOT is up and running

By Mike Florio Every weekday, we celebrate the conclusion of an episode of PFT Live by almost immediately taping an episode of PFTOT. Which is precisely what we did today. After Big Cat and his not-new-jacket left the studio (and after Simms and his not-functioning-prostate returned from the restroom), Simms and I covered five topics. From considering whether [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

‘We’re Very Blessed’: Vikings’ Adam Thielen Talks New $64M Contract

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Vikings Adam Thielen is going through the off-season workouts like every year. But this year and this week it’s different. That is what happens when you just signed a $64-million contract.

“It’s just extremely special for me to be in this state that’s done so much for me, and to be here for a long time, and know I’m going to be here for a long time and my family, the place where we have a house, the place that we love,” Thielen said.

It is humbling, and it creates a calm. It also is news to his teammates. Some understand exactly what this means.

“Adam taken care of, great for the organization to be able to step up and get that done, and not let it drag on,” said quarterback Kirk Cousins. “Great for his family and for all of us as teammates in the locker room to know that he’s going to be here. I think it’s a positive all the way around, and happy that it got done.”

Adam Thielen (credit: CBS)

His story has been told and re-told too many times to repeat, but it’s still amazing. The undrafted free agent just got a shot. And as he looks back, he understands how fragile that can be.

“And now when I look back I kind of get nervous because I know that if I wouldn’t have done this right, or if I would’ve been late to this, or if I would’ve, you know, ran the wrong route I might have not ever gotten the chance,” Thielen said.

And so begins a new chapter for him, his wife and two sons. And for Thielen that’s the bigger picture, that his spiritual life remains alive.

“We’re very blessed and grateful, and we know that [God has] put us here for a reason,” Thielen said.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

Who has the better contract, Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins?

By Mike Florio Russell Wilson signed the richest contract in NFL history. But is it the best contract in NFL History? Maybe not. An argument could be made that the contract signed last year by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is better than Wilson’s new deal. (Let me know when you stop laughing.) Wilson’s deal commits him to the [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

Everson Griffen in a “good place” and back to being himself

By Charean Williams Everson Griffen knows one thing for certain: “When I’m me, when I’m myself, I can play well,” Griffen said Tuesday, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN. ? The Vikings defensive end made 13 sacks and a third consecutive Pro Bowl in 2017. He dealt with mental health issues in 2018, keeping him out five games, and [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk

Kirk Cousins on learning Vikings playbook: It’s like eating an elephant

By Josh Alper The Vikings bumped Kevin Stefanski from interim offensive coordinator to the permanent job this offseason and they hired former Texans and Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak as an offensive advisor in a pair of moves that have led to a new offensive playbook than they were working with at this time last year. Quarterback Kirk [more]

Source:: ProFootballTalk