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MN Vikings Tweets

Bleacher Report – Vikings

Drunk Vikings Fan Falls Over Seats, Spills Beer, Delights Crowd

This is flawless. You have a drunk Vikings fan in an Adrian Peterson jersey being recorded by another fan. The cell phone videographer is calling the guy an idiot so the Peterson fan raises his arms to let everyone know that he rules. He then drunkenly falls over backwards, ass-over-teakettle down a couple of […]

Beating on the Cheeseheads (Don’t we wish….sigh)

Josh Freeman introduced, Brian Robison extended

Josh Freeman practiced with the #Vikings for the first time Wednesday. Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore talk about Freeman’s arrival and Brian Robison’s contract extension. #1500espn #SportsWire

Billick: Vikings will start Freeman eventually

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Brian Billick has his taken on Freeman landing in Minnesota.


Vikings react to new QB Josh Freeman

Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore assess the reaction from the Vikings locker room on recent addition, quarterback Josh Freeman. #Vikings #1500espn #Sportswire #homepage

Minnesota Vikings scoring fight song sung at game. Skol Vikings, Let's win this game.

Minnesota Vikings Fans sing their fight every time they score. See how it’s done at a home game against the favored San Francisco 49ers on September 23, 2012.

Skol Vikings – Official Fight Song

The Official Fight Song of the Minnesota Vikings. Lyrics: The Official Fight Song of the Minnesota Vikings. Lyrics: Skol Vikings, let’s win this game Skol Vikings, honor your name Go get that first down Then get a touchdown Rock ’em . . . Sock ’em Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Go Vikings, run up the […]

Is Cassel the answer?

Judd and Dubay discuss the Vikings quarterback change to Matt Cassel and also a lack of depth in the secondary. #Sportswire #Vikings #Judd #1500ESPN

Ryan Rhody, NFL fan ambassador for the Minnesota Vikings

Ryan Rhody, NFL fan ambassador for the Minnesota Vikings, speaks with his cap to simply say “Skol, Vikings” and proudly show others the Viking way.

How did this happen?

Judd and Dubay discuss how the Vikings lost a game to Cleveland that looked like it should have been an easy win. #Judd #Sportswire #Vikings #1500ESPN