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‘It’s About The Little Things’: Vikings TE Irv Smith Jr. On The Importance Of Training Camp

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings’ training camp is about to shift gears.

It’s been all about the rookies so far, but the veterans will be joining the camp Friday.

One thing you’ll see here is Kirk Cousins — scrambling. This is new, and probably good.

One rookie player we’d like to call your attention Irv Smith Jr. The second-round pick tight end played for Alabama is getting used to life in the pros.

Even coming from an SEC program, Smith Jr. is soaking up everything he can from his coaches.

“The little things that they see, you know, and this game, the NFL, it’s about the little things,” Smith Jr. said.

Sure, they have to learn in the wildly temperamental Minnesota summer, but it’s a far cry from what his father went through with the New Orleans Saints.

“He said it was rough, you know. We got it easy now. That’s what he says,” Smith Jr. said. “You know, I just mess with him. The game’s different then then, and they try to look out for us and our bodies. But yeah, he says he’s had to get an IV like between practices, all kind of stuff. So, it’s good we don’t got to do that now [laughs]!”

With the advancements in player safety, Smith gets to focus more on what matters — winning.

“Every day I try to take one thing to work on. You know, I really try to pride myself on, you know, being a complete tight end and just learning the plays,” he said. “Every day, just coming in with that mindset of coming in and trying to, you know, just focus on one thing and get better.”

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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