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No timeline yet for Everson Griffen’s return

By Matthew Coller

Minnesota Vikings star pass rusher Everson Griffen will be back at practice on Wednesday after missing a month while dealing with a mental health issue. Head coach Mike Zimmer was unclear whether he would play this weekend against the New Orleans Saints.

“We’re just going to see how he comes back,” Zimmer said. “Really, that’s not the focus right now. The focus is seeing how he’s doing, work him in a little bit and decide at the end of the week.”

Zimmer did not give specific details about Griffen’s treatment, but did say he sees the Pro Bowler’s personal battle as one that many people deal with.

“I betcha there’s people in this room who have had to deal with these kinds of issues as well,” Zimmer said. “Everybody in life has probably had to deal with these different types of issues that go on and no necessarily [physical injuries]. I know people that I’ve dealt with in the past, I know people, doctors, all the experts help with these situations. I don’t think this is as unique as we’re making it out to be.”

The Vikings’ head coach added that teammates care about Griffen and that he will have to continue to deal with his issues going forward.

“This is an illness and he’s done a good job of helping to get better and continues to try to get better and he is probably going to have to continue to do that just like we all have to do in life,” Zimmer said.

If Griffen does not play against the Saints, Stephen Weatherly will continue to play defensive end in his place. Zimmer said that Weatherly has made strides in order to admirably hold down the spot in Griffen’s absence.

“He’s done a nice job,” Zimmer said of Weatherly. “A lot of times, you see the improvement toward the third year. I think that’s really come. He’s worked real hard at it and he’s playing a lot more confidently right now. Some of the things that were keeping him from progressing especially in the pass rush game he’s been able to – knock-on-wood-so-far – fix. We’re still working on things like that with him.”

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