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Kirk Cousins calls offensive performance vs. Jets ‘all over the map’

By Matthew Coller

It would be difficult to say that any offense that scored 37 points had a rough day, but that was the case for the Minnesota Vikings at times at MetLife Stadium on Sunday in a win over the New York Jets.

They averaged just 5.6 yards per pass play, converted 2-of-15 third downs and only scored a touchdown on one of three attempts in the red zone.

The Vikings also hit on two touchdown passes of more than 30 yards and scored on a 41-yard touchdown run from Latavius Murray.

“All over the map,” Cousins said after the win. “A lot of positives. I think any time you score 37 points on the road, you’re doing something right but there were a lot of places that weren’t good enough and when you have special teams giving you great field position and a defense creating turnovers and getting you the ball back then it probably makes it look better than it really was.

“That’s complimentary football, that’s team football and we’re so grateful for our defense and special teams the way they played today because it kept giving us opportunities and go back out there and score points.”

The weather appeared to create a challenge for both teams — and the kickers — with the wind swirling. The Vikings attempted a number of quick passes, completing eight throws to Stefon Diggs for just 33 yards.

Following the game, Cousins did not pin the offensive inconsistency on the wind. Instead he gave credit to the Jets defense.

“I didn’t notice any specific throws where the wind effected it, honestly I think it was the Jets defense,” Cousins said. “They are a good defense with a good scheme. They had shown on film that they were very active and can disrupt a lot of things and I thought they were disruptive and made some plays. Fortunately we didn’t turn the ball over otherwise that would have made it much more uphill.”

For the second straight week, the Vikings’ quarterback had his ups and downs with miscues. He fumbled on a lateral, which Cousins explained after the game was an attempt to simply spike the ball having seen a linebacker that was set to blow the play up.

Cousins also saw three more passes batted down after five throws were tipped at the line of scrimmage last week.

“The throws I’m throwing are plays I’ve been running for 10, 15 years, I don’t know why they are suddenly getting batted,” Cousins said. “There were a few there today that were probably completions that, because they’re getting tipped aren’t ending up as such. That was a little frustrating. We’ll go back and look at what’s going on and why it’s happening.”

No matter the rollercoaster, the most consistent factor on the Vikings’ offense, Adam Thielen, was once again outstanding. The Pro Bowl receiver caught nine passes for 110 yards, tying an NFL record for most games in a row with more than 100 yards. His best grab came on a go route into the end zone in the first quarter.

“I just had to believe Adam was going to go out there and get it and he made a great play,” Cousins said.

“I’m lucky to play with him, the Vikings are lucky to have him, he’s a special player, a special teammate and deserves the success that he’s having and hopefully there’s much more ahead,” Cousins added.

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