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From celebrations to speeches, Vikings show camaraderie in win

By Matthew Coller


Last year, duck-duck-gray duck helped bring them together. This year it was… whatever the heck that dance was called that Adam Thielen and the Minnesota Vikings did in the end zone after a dagger touchdown throw from Kirk Cousins.

However they want to label it, Sunday’s 27-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals showed signs of the Vikings coming together that we haven’t quite seen so far this year.

“We had fun with it,” Cousins said. “It was great when the linemen joined and it’s kind of a group thing, that’s when it becomes fun.

We’re all Thielen it. #AZvsMIN #Skol

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) October 14, 2018

Before the game started, Cousins gave a passionate speech to the huddle, imploring the defense to smother Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen.

Normally Linval Joseph had been giving the pregame speech with Everson Griffen absent, but he turned the duties over to the quarterback.

“He told me on the flight back, he said, ‘you got it next week,’” Cousins said. “In pregame he just looked at me and just pointed and stared at me. That was enough for me to know I better bring it.”

“When I shoot, I score. When you shoot, I score.”

Another week, another pregame speech from @KirkCousins8.

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) October 14, 2018

Cousins joined the Vikings in the unique situation of trying to fit into a team that went 13-3 the previous year and was returning most of the roster. He talked about the process of taking a hold of a leadership role.

“Once the season gets going, it’s full steam ahead and I have to be me and lead any way I can and be assertive,” Cousins said. “If I have an opinion, I have to speak up. My temperment is one that usually not being very self-promotional and just do my part. At times if I feel my need to speak up or share my opinion, I will certainly do that. I’m more of a reluctant leader. When given the opportunity or asked to, yes, I will step up.”

The Vikings’ quarterback added that Sunday’s win was a reminder to enjoy the ride.

“The game is so challenging and I feel when I take my eye off the ball for one second, I get beat, as a result it drives you away from having fun,” Cousins said. “That’s too bad because you want to enjoy this game and love it and have a blast and do it with a smile on our face and have fun.”

It terms of having fun, it didn’t hurt that the Vikings’ defense looked a lot like it did one year ago when they led the Vikings to 13 wins.

“We’ve just got to continue to be aggressive, continue to trust the system, to trust each other and continue having fun with this,” linebacker Anthony Barr said. “That’s the biggest thing, you saw us having fun out there today and playing with energy. When we do that, we have lots of success.”

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