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DeFilippo: Eagles coach Pederson emphasized outside-the-box thinking

By Matthew Coller

On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo will be matching up against the head coach who hired him to develop a franchise quarterback and who gave him an opportunity to help guide backup Nick Foles to a Super Bowl victory.

DeFilippo’s offense will be facing one of the most unique coaches in the NFL in Doug Pederson, who now-famously gave Foles the green light for “Philly Special,” a fourth-down touchdown throw from tight end Trey Burton to Foles in the Super Bowl. The message from Pederson was not lost on the Vikings’ OC.

“There’s two things that coach does that I really learned from him. No. 1, don’t be afraid to think outside the box,” DeFilippo said on Thursday. “Stay aggressive, he’s an aggressive guy, aggressive play caller.”

DeFilippo had been a quarterbacks coach before in Oakland and New York and was the offensive coordinator for the Browns in 2015. He and Pederson got to know each other when the latter was in Kansas City.

“He really trusted his assistant coaches, and if he gave you a job to do, he let you do your job and he trusted you to do your job, and if you were doing your job, he let you run with it, take something and make it better,” DeFilippo said. “My goal every day to try to get the quarterbacks of the Philadelphia Eagles — No. 1, 2 and 3 — better each day, and he trusted me to do that, gave me a lot of leeway and a lot of room to do that and I thanked him for that when I left.”

The Vikings’ struggling defense will have nothing easy this week as they match up with Carson Wentz, who was on track to be league MVP before he got hurt late last season. DeFilippo said the combination of athleticism and intelligence has pushed Wentz into the top-notch category of NFL quarterbacks.

“The first thing is the amount of maturity he has for his age, not only football maturity but maturity in general,” DeFilippo said. “He’s very, very confident in himself, but to the point where it rubs off on others in a good way, not a bad way. The whole team just kind of felt his confidence and felt his swagger and juice and fed off that. And then really his freak athleticism, to be honest with you. The guy’s 6-5 and 240-some pounds, can run like that and throw like that and throw off balance and get out of traffic, extend plays. There’s some plays you watch last year and you’re just like, ‘Not a lot of guys get out of that.’

”And then the last thing is just his football knowledge for a rookie. Even when he came in. I don’t want to say it was off the charts, but it was pretty close for a rookie. It was pretty good, real good actually.”

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