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Richardson: Opposing teams’ schemes are impacting Vikings pass rush

By Matthew Coller

Since opening week, when the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive line mauled the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive line, pressuring Jimmy Garoppolo 21 times on 42 drop backs, they have not been able to generate the same amount of pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Against Green Bay, Buffalo and Los Angeles, the Vikings have created a total of 30 pressures on 125 drop backs, according to Pro Football Focus.

“We’ve played a few teams and their scheme, as far the boot action limited our pass rush a lot,” said defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, who is tied with Danielle Hunter for the team lead in pressures. “We’re trying to get that corrected, because I feel like we can do more as far for the throwback. Buffalo had it. The Rams had it in the game plan, if they see the defensive line vacating where the running back is, they’ll throw it back to him and it’s a screen play, too, so we have to honor that…It might look like we’re not pass rushing, but that’s what we’re doing. We’re doing our job. I think it can get better.”

Overall the Vikings are seventh in the league in the percentage of drop backs that have resulted in a sack and fourth in yards lost by opposing quarterbacks to sacks, but last week they got to Jared Goff just once for a loss of nine yards.

Upcoming opponents like the Philadelphia Eagles are likely taking notice of what other teams have done to limit the pressure from one of the NFL’s best defensive lines. The Vikings’ defensive tackle noted that teams are getting rid of the ball quickly against them on many occasions.

“It’s harder to get sacks, guys are scheming so you won’t be able to get sacks, quarterbacks are aware of that too, in the schemes it’s two-seconds-it’s-gone,” Richardson said.

According to NFL NextGen stats, the Vikings’ only sack on Thursday too 3.5 seconds. The average time to throw for upcoming quarterback Carson Wentz was 2.7 seconds in 2017.

“Just get him off his spot, you know? Be effective,” Richardson said. “Put a lot of pressure in his face and around his legs. For me, I get held a lot, so definitely be around his legs a lot. Other than that, that’s where the whole defense comes in. Coverage is covering and we’re forcing bad throws.”

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