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Kirk Cousins ‘probably won’t sleep as easily tonight’ after performance vs. Seahawks

By Matthew Coller

Throughout the preseason, Kirk Cousins has preached how difficult it can be to draw conclusions from small sample sizes in games that don’t have any impact on the season. But that doesn’t mean he’s OK with a subpar preseason performance.

Following the Minnesota Vikings’ 21-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks — in which the first-team offense played the entire first half — Cousins expressed frustration over the offense’s play.

“There’s still several throws here, I’ve made a list, that we didn’t hit and it’s mostly me,” Cousins. “We’ve got to him them and we can hit them. I came off the field feeling like we could have been so
much better. There was a lot there to be had that we didn’t do. I probably won’t sleep as
easily tonight because of that.”

Cousins threw 28 passes, by far the most of the preseason, and completed 17 for 182 yards. He led one touchdown drive that was capped by a Latavius Murray goal line rush.

The Vikings’ quarterback also completed two 27-yard passes, one to Stefon Diggs and the other to Laquon Treadwell.

Still, he was displeased with his performance — and went into great detail following the game of his miscues.

“I mean it was the out-breaking route to Adam [Thielen] on the sideline in the two-minute that was down at his feet that should have been an easy pitch-and-catch. Latavius twice in the flat. The ball was high and away, the ball needs to be on him, not that the second one would’ve been a big
gain but just can be more accurate,” Cousins said.

“The inside fade I thought to [Stefon Diggs] would have been a touchdown, if the ball’s thrown accurately,” the Vikings’ quarterback continued. “That’s day one stuff you got to hit that throw. A couple of those red zone plays I thought were there. The sack was my fault. It was a protection deal that I put us in that made it a tough deal. I thought the two point conversion was probably there as well and could’ve made a better throw. When you go 17 of 28 and there’s a few you want back, you could’ve really had a great night and I feel we just missed that.”

Cousins added that there were things the team did that he liked. The Vikings’ first teamers improved their third down performance from the previous week. But Minnesota’s franchise quarterback made it clear there is still work to be done before Week 1.

“The next two weeks we have to take advantage of every day,” Cousins said. “I just try to iron out details, communicate well, hone in on the game plan once it gets developed and come ready to go on Sunday, September 9.”

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