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Even in his seventh year, Kirk Cousins is still learning from other QBs

By Matthew Coller

Following a frustrating appearance against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Saturday, Kirk Cousins was reminded of a conversation he had with Tom Brady about finding comfort in his team’s offense.

“I remember when we played the Patriots in 2015, I just asked Tom [Brady], ‘At what point did it start clicking for you?’ Essentially what I am asking him was, ‘At what point did you have it completely figured out?’ He said, “It’s still clicking. It’s still a process,’” Cousins said. “I’ve always taken that with me and felt like every day I come out here I pick up something new. I sharpen a skill. It will always be that way until the day I retire. Certainly, when you are in your first year in an offense and haven’t played in a real game yet, there is a lot more sharpening to do than year five or six.”

It’s been well documented that Cousins seeks knowledge wherever he can get it. Before his contract with the Vikings was officially announced, he met with Minnesota Gophers head coach PJ Fleck to discuss leadership style. Cousins said he takes opportunities to chat with other QBs wherever he can find them.

“At the Pro Bowl, I tried to ask a lot of questions of guys like Drew Brees and Dak Prescott and some of the other guys that were there, and even guys on defense,” Cousins said. “I find myself doing the same thing here with some of our top players on defense, trying to learn from them. I try to be a great question asker.”

The Vikings’ quarterback was asked what he’s noticed is the common thread between great QBs.

“That’s again a great question, and one of the things I’ve asked myself many times, ‘What is the consistent theme?’” Cousins said. “Because if I don’t have it I better get it if I want to last in this league. I think there are many ways to define it or articulate it. But it is a love for the game and a passion for the game where this stuff matters.”

Cousins added that the top quarterbacks are diligent about their profession.

“They come out to practice with intentionality and they stay after and study the game with a purpose,” he said. “They know how to use their offseasons to get better. They lead teammates with a purpose. They take care of their health with a purpose. When you treat this game like a job and not a hobby and it matters to you, usually you got here for a reason, you’ll end up being successful.”

Cousins and the Vikings will get a shot at improving from last week’s performance when they face the Seattle Seahawks Friday night at US Bank Stadium.

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