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DeFilippo pushing his quarterbacks to play fast

By Matthew Coller

One thing the 2017 Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles had in common: Offensive tempo was important.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that new Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who was the quarterbacks coach in Philly last year, is looking for QBs Kirk Cousins and Trevor Siemian to play at a high pace.

“The thing that we’re doing with Trevor is we’re continuously preaching on him just to speed up a little bit,” DeFilippo said Wednesday. “His accuracy has been very, very good. I mean very good. He’s put the ball, especially when he’s throwing it outside the numbers he’s been tremendously accurate all spring. We need him to continue to do that and then we just need him to continue, as he gets to know the offense even better, better, and better, just to operate that second huddle just a little bit faster.”

Both the quarterbacks and the OC are adapting to their new situation having previously been starters in Washington and Denver.

“You’re in this place for the first time and all those things, it’s gotten better as we’ve gone along. We’re always working on that with all of our quarterbacks and I’m always working on this on myself on speeding up the play calls and making sure I’m getting the plays in on time as well,” DeFilippo said.

The Vikings’ new OC said that the speed in which Cousins is getting the offense together is an indicator of how far he’s come in the short time the two have been together.

“I think when you just see him operate fast,” DeFilippo said. “He did a few things out there today that unless you knew he did, you would have no idea he did – in terms of change in the protection, in terms of using a unique cadence that helps us identify the defensive front, the defensive coverage, all those things. The blitz period. The defense was bringing the heat pretty good today. He did some subtle things that tells you he’s really understanding the little intricacies of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

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