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What are NFL analysts saying about the Vikings’ quarterback situation?

By Matthew Coller

As we wait for the next few weeks to provide us more clarity on the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback situation, here are a few things to get you up to speed on what NFL analysts have been saying about the Vikings’ 2018 (and possibly beyond) signal caller….

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell suggests the Vikings extend Case Keenum.

He wrote:

What I’d do is give Keenum a long-term contract similar to the initial Tyrod Taylor extension in Buffalo under Doug Whaley. That deal was essentially a one-year pact with the ability to trigger a multiyear extension after the initial campaign. That structure would allow the Vikes to hand Keenum a raise and set up a possible long-term commitment without locking them in if Keenum declines.

MMQB’s Albert Breer had an in-depth piece suggesting that Keenum’s poor playoff performance will make the difference in the minds of the Vikings and other teams on his worth.

Breer wrote:

It’s increasingly difficult to imagine Keenum would get the tag either, and impossible to see him taking home the kind of blockbuster deal that would result from it—all of which means that Minnesota might have zero quarterbacks on its roster when free agency begins on March 14.

“If he had a big night [Sunday], Minnesota probably would try sign him to a long-term deal or, worse-case, franchised him,” said one NFC personnel exec on Sunday night. “The way he was playing, he wasn’t looking at $25 million-$30 million, but maybe $18-20. And after tonight, they’re probably gonna have to have a discussion on what to do with Bridgewater, Bradford and Keenum.

“He may have knocked himself down to an area where not many people are, and that’s between $10 million and $16 million a year, that second/third tier guy. I think it really hurts him.”

In order to illustrate the the no-man’s land that Ryan Fitzpatrick was in two years ago and that all three Vikings could be in now, here’s the salaries of a few comparable quarterbacks. Chicago’s Mike Glennon, who’ll likely be cut, is slated to be the NFL’s 19th highest-paid quarterback by average salary in 2018, at $15 million. Teammate Mitchell Trubisky is next on the list, at $7.26 million and Philadelphia’s Nick Foles is the next QB not on a slotted rookie deal, at $5.5 million per year.

The harsh reality? Keenum cost himself a lot of money in the NFC title game.

Pro Football Focus wrote that the best situation would be having Keenum and Bridgewater return.

“Best Case: Vikings sign Keenum to a team-friendly multi-year deal that incentivizes strong play, yet gives the team an out if he reverts back to previous levels. Other teams are reluctant to give Bridgewater a big deal, he re-signs at hometown discount for the Vikings. Open competition between Keenum and Bridgewater with best QB getting the nod.”

Former NFL agent Joel Corry broke down the situation in depth for CBS Sports. He doesn’t see Bridgewater commanding a huge deal if the Vikings can’t toll his contract to next year…

“Bridgewater should be the cheapest option assuming tolling doesn’t occur. A short-term contract at the top of the compete-for a-starting-quarterback-job range, much like Robert Griffin III signed with the Browns in 2016, could be in order considering he hasn’t played in two years. These deals have been topping out at $7 million to $7.5 million per year recently, with performance bonuses that can increase the value to as much $12 million per year.”

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero said Kirk Cousins wants a long-term commitment:

I asked @TomPelissero about the prospects of Kirk Cousins playing for the #Vikings. Here’s what he said…

Full show here:

— Phil Mackey (@PhilMackey) February 15, 2018

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