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Good news and bad news for Vikings fans in very early odds for next year’s Super Bowl

By Derek Wetmore

You’ve got to hand it to sports gamblers. It’s never too early to start looking to the next event, never too soon to start seeking a disparity between your beliefs and those of the public, hoping to find an edge to exploit. I’ll bet if we looked hard enough, we could find a way to make bets on the next few Super Bowl halftime performers and the odds for each team over the next few seasons.

This column isn’t about gambling, though, but rather it’s about the double-edged sword that comes with the most recent Super Bowl 53 projections. Those projections spell some good news and bad news for fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

Here’s one look at the probability each team is getting to win next year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, according to website. You might find different betting odds out there. These are just the ones we’re using for this story to illustrate our point.

Patriots 5:1
Eagles 8:1
Steelers 10:1
Packers 10:1
Vikings 12:1
Cowboys 20:1
Falcons 20:1
Rams 20:1
Saints 20:1
Texans 20:1

A few takeaways as it relates to the Vikings:

On one hand, Minnesota is seen as the fifth-most likely team to win it all next year, which, if you cheer for the purple and gold, should be seen as a good thing. A lot of teams would want to trade places with you in those standings!

On the other hand, these odds are at the very best premature, because the people that put them together have no idea who the quarterback will be next year. If any of them could tell us with confidence, well, that would be interesting. Will the odds go up or down if the Vikings bring back Teddy Bridgewater and trust that he can lead them to the ultimate prize on a repaired knee? Will they go up or down if Case Keenum gets slapped with a handsome one-year payday by way of the franchise tag? Will they go up or down if Kirk Cousins hits free agency and signs in Minnesota? (And will they go up or down if somehow – however improbable – Washington tags Cousins again and tries to trade him, and Minnesota steps up to that bargaining table?) The point of all this is that the published odds have to factor in the uncertainty for the Vikings at the most important position in American professional sports, and so it’s best to call them incomplete, or perhaps speculative.

Props to Mike Zimmer and the Vikings for being so well thought of that the team ranked this high without an iron-clad answer under center.

Here’s the downside of these odds if you’re a Vikings follower. Look at what they think of the other NFC powers. The Eagles will be back, probably with MVP candidate Carson Wentz. The Packers should have – should have — a healthy Aaron Rodgers next year, which makes winning the NFC North that much more difficult. Plus, the Cowboys, Falcons, Rams and Saints all are right up there. And those teams ought to be settled at QB long before training camp begins.

Sure, Minnesota’s amazing defense should mostly return to play next year. Even so, history shows it’s unlikely to repeat as top dogs year after year. Great defense aside, one thing is clear. It’s the Vikings’ answer at quarterback that will determine whether these odds are a good early indicator, or just some silly early-offseason fodder to chew on around the water cooler.

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