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Vikings receiver Jarius Wright on Teddy Bridgewater: ‘I know for sure he could start’

By Matthew Coller

Quick advice: Find someone in your life who likes you as much as Jarius Wright likes Teddy Bridgewater.

The Minnesota Vikings wide receiver had his best career years with Bridgewater under center, catching 42 passes in 2014 and 34 in 2015. On Friday, Wright joined 1500ESPN on radio row. He talked in great detail about his quarterback.

“Me personally, I’m a Teddy fan,” Wright said on Mackey and Judd. “That’s one of my good buddies on and off the field. The guy still has a lot of football left in him. When the injury first happened, you didn’t know if he would play again, but after seeing him now and just talking to him and seeing how bad he wants to be on the field, how bad he wants to play, I think he’s ready to go and I know for sure he could start.”

Asked whether the Vikings’ locker room believes Bridgewater is the type of quarterback who could lead them to a Super Bowl, Wright recalled the first time he played with the 25-year-old QB.

“No doubt about it,” Wright said. “His rookie year he was kind of thrown into the fire, I don’t know if y’all remember, it was actually the Saints game, Matt Cassel broke his ankle that game, middle of the game, Teddy had to come in and we had a chance to win that game late. That was a young Teddy against Drew Brees. Our defense was good, but they weren’t known as the best defense in the league at that time.

“Teddy can come in and he can lead a team. He’s won the team over with his play. Not only on the field, but just being at practice and the guy he is in the locker room. So he’s won the team over.”

In 2015, Bridgewater led the Vikings to an 11-5 season and came within a Blair Walsh 27-yard kick of beating Russell Wilson in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Wright went even farther back to explain his belief in Bridgewater.

“The guy is a winner,” Wright said. “You can’t coach winning. Go back and look from high school to college. I know I wasn’t expecting Louisville to be a great team at that time. Teddy comes in to Louisville…they had great years when he was there. They made it to a BCS bowl game when he was there and beat a pretty good Florida team. After you see the licks he took that one game and see how he continued to lead his team, you like him then. But then you get him on your team and see what kind of guy he is, then you learn to love him.”

The Vikings’ quarterback situation is wide open with Bridgewater, Case Keenum and Sam Bradford all set to hit free agency. There’s also the possibility of the Vikings chasing free agent Kirk Cousins. Minnesota’s go-to third-down receiver said he’d prefer one of the three Vikings QBs came back.

“I like the guys we have,” Wright said. “Nothing against [Cousins], I think he’s a great guy and I think he’s a great quarterback, but out of the three guys we have, you see how far we went with Case [Keenum], I think we can win the Super Bowl with either of the three guys we have.”

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