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US Bank Stadium has been friendly to Case Keenum

By Matthew Coller

No matter which way you split it, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum has had a very good year. He went 12-3 and finished seventh in the NFL in quarterback rating. Now as the Vikings head into the playoffs, their quarterback has the chance to play all three postseason games where he’s done his best work: US Bank Stadium.

This season at home, Keenum has a 68.9 percent completion percentage, averages 7.8 yards per attempt and has thrown eight touchdowns, two interceptions, good for a 100.1 rating. He’s also suffered just one loss on home turf, a 14-7 defeat against the Detroit Lions.

Keenum’s best two games this season came at US Bank Stadium. In his second start, the veteran QB threw for 369 yards and three touchdowns and a 142.1 rating against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then on December 17, he put on a 20-for-23 , two-touchdown showing against the Bengals (138.4 rating).

“It just feels right in there,” Keenum said Tuesday. “The turf, the surface is fast, even the lighting in there. Then you add the fans coming in pre-game. Just the whole atmosphere in there, it’s incredible.”

In two seasons at US Bank Stadium, the Vikings are 12-4. They have the fourth best point differential at home during that time span, outscoring opponents by 131 points.

“All of my friends and family who have come up from Texas and friends from other teams that come in from other teams will text me after the game like, ‘Dude, that place is ridiculous,” Keenum said.

The Vikings’ offense gets plenty of help from their defense at home as they allow just 15.3 points per game since the downtown Minneapolis stadium opened. Keenum said opposing offenses have a particularly hard time communicating protections when the stadium is at its peak noise.

“As far as the tackles go and tight ends spilt out wide that don’t really get to hear some of the cadences, those guys that rush like Everson [Griffen] that can tee off, it’s tough, our place makes it really tough to operate any type of play,” Keenum said.

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