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Mike Zimmer still has his crystal ball, isn’t buying into curses

By Matthew Coller

Early in the 2017 season, when Minnesota Vikings fans were waiting for news on Sam Bradford’s knee injury, head coach Mike Zimmer cracked that he didn’t know when Bradford would be back have a crystal ball to find out. So, naturally, a physic sent him a crystal ball.

As the Vikings head into the playoffs, where their franchise has endured many heartbreaks from four Super Bowl losses to wide-left field goal mishaps, fans expectedly will be feeling nervous.

Zimmer said following Sunday’s 23-10 win over the Chicago Bears that he isn’t buying into any bad voodoo affecting the Vikings’ chances this year.

”I don’t think there’s any curse,” Zimmer said. “I’ve got a crystal ball and a wood spirit hanging in my office, so there’s no damn curse.”

Zimmer’s tenure in Minnesota has been filled with bad breaks. He saw kicker Blair Walsh shank a 27-yard field goal that would have earned him his first playoff win as a head coach. He watched as his franchise quarterback was taken away in an ambulance after a catestrophic knee injury and he saw his offensive line collapse and offensive coordinator resign in 2016.

This year it appeared things might go the same way after the team lost Bradford and running back Dalvin Cook, but things swung his way with Case Keenum’s performance and the Vikings’ defense remaining nearly 100 percent healthy.

”I don’t know, maybe lightning is going to strike,” Zimmer said.

The Vikings’ cosmic forces may be influenced by home field advantage. When they play their first playoff game, it will be inside a building where they are 12-4 over the last two years.

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