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Vikings coaches Pat Shurmur, Mike Priefer address possible head coaching futures

By Matthew Coller

Over the last two years, Pat Shurmur has taken the Minnesota Vikings’ offense from the bottom third of the NFL to the top 10 and done so despite losing the team’s starting quarterback and star running back. His success has brought along buzz about a possible return to head coaching.

Shurmur was named in an ESPN poll as one of the most likely coordinators to land a head coaching spot next season. A long-time offensive coordinator, Shurmur has only received one shot at being a head coach. He won nine games over two seasons in 2011 and 2012 with the Cleveland Browns.

On Thursday, Shurmur addressed reports that he could end up in one of the upcoming job openings.

“Fortunately I’ve had that opportunity in the past and learned a lot from it,” Shurmur said. “But you just stay in the moment. What we’ve done here to win the division is very hard to do and we want to take this thing as far as we can and that’s certainly my focus.”

Special teams coordinator Mike Priefer hasn’t been named as a possible head coach, but the Vikings’ success might also bring attention his way. Priefer filled in for Mike Zimmer on the sidelines last season in a game against Dallas when the Vikings’ head coach underwent emergency eye surgery.

”I learned a lot from that experience…it was an honor to do that, to represent the organization that way and it was unfortunately circumstances. I’m hoping that someday I’ll have that opportunity,” Priefer said.

While the Vikings came up short in Priefer’s one game, his late clock management gave quarterback Sam Bradford a shot at a final drive.

“Overall it’s helped me appreciate what the head coach does on game day,” Priefer said. “It’s much different than what I do, although I try to stay ahead of the game in terms of situations, time on the clock, time management and player management and those things I do as a special teams coordinator, which I hope will prepare me for that opportunity.”

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