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Vikings Stefon Diggs talks ‘gray area’ of NFL’s catch rule

By Matthew Coller

Who knows how the Minnesota Vikings’ loss to the Carolina Panthers might have been different had referees deemed a throw to Adam Thielen in the end zone a catch instead of an incompletion.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was infuriated on the sideline and said the following day Thielen’s play should have been ruled a catch.

The what’s-a-catch conversation ramped up the following week when Steelers tight end Jesse James caught a pass, then reached it out over the end zone. In doing so, however, the refs ruled that he did not maintain possession to the ground.

Since Calvin Johnson’s famous non-touchdown and Dez Bryant’s no-catch that cost the Cowboys a playoff game, players and fans have expressed frustration with the league’s rule.

Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs, who said he caught the Steelers-Patriots game, was asked for his take on Monday.

“It’s big in our room as far as, our coaches preach, ‘Don’t let the the referee dictate the end of the play,’” Diggs said Wednesday. “We have a big rule about not stretching the ball out. It’s a lot of gray area as far as catch and non-catch. Things like that happen.”

Diggs added that part of the rule about stretching the ball out has to do with the possibility of a fumble.

The Vikings’ star receiver also gave his thoughts on the environment at Lambeau Field on Saturday night following weeks of fan rage tossed via social media in the direction of linebacker Anthony Barr, who injured Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Week 6.

“In the years that I’ve been here, there hasn’t been this much hate, should I say,” Diggs said. “It shouldn’t become anything as far as like physical, I hope not. I hope there’s still some class there. It’s really unfortunate what happened but it was like how many weeks ago?”

Rodgers returned last week in a loss to Carolina, then Green Bay placed him on injured reserve when they were eliminated from the postseason.

“Hopefully, they’ve moved past it, he came back,” Diggs said. “Their season didn’t go probably the way they wanted to because they didn’t have him but at the end of the day, we all still play football. We all still grown men.”

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