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Partially Paralyzed High School Football Player Gets Super Surprise From Vikings

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

danny lilya holding kicks for the vikings Partially Paralyzed High School Football Player Gets Super Surprise From Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Last year, WCCO introduced you to a very skilled high school football player.

Danny is the holder on extra points and field goals for the Moose Lake high school football team — even though he’s a in a wheelchair, and paralyzed from the waist down.

His inspirational story reached many people across Minnesota — even some Vikings players, who saw Danny’s story and wanted to meet him.

“My mom, I think she got the phone call. She told me that the Vikings had seen my story and they wanted me to come down and hold some field goals for their extra point unit, so it was kind of a big surprise when I got home from school one day,” Danny said.

“I didn’t quite believe her at first, and it took a little bit to convince me that it’s actually happening.”

(credit: CBS)

But it did actually happen. The Vikings inviting Danny to watch their special teams practice inside the stadium, up close on the field.

And then, even to hold some snaps himself for Kai Forbath.

“Pretty cool to be actually on the field with them, actually playing with them,” Danny said.

But little did Danny know, there was more.

(credit: CBS)

On their final kick, as he placed yet another perfect hold, Danny initially didn’t notice what it suddenly said on the scoreboard.

The Vikings surprised Danny with two tickets to the Super Bowl.

“No way. Is that for real?” Danny said. “We’re going to the Super Bowl.”

“Were you completely surprised?” WCCO’s David McCoy asked.

“Oh yeah definitely. I had no idea,” Danny said.

“Where are your seats?” McCoy asked.

“It doesn’t say yet,” Danny said. “Not on my couch.”

That’s right: Danny’s skills as a holder got him to the Super Bowl.

“You never stop believing, you never know what can happen,” Danny said.

So how was Danny’s form? Just ask Vikings punter and holder Ryan Quigley.

“Aw man, it was incredible. Kai didn’t miss and that tells you. If the kicker’s making the kicks it’s great holds,” Quigley said.

“Quick learner. I told him how I liked it, and he, we went three for three in a row right there so, pretty incredible, and it’s cool to be a part of this,” Forbath said.

“What an inspirational story. So happy that, you know, he’s going to the Super Bowl,” Quigley said. “That kid’s going far. He’s got a good perspective, and it’s awesome to see.”

The only question now is who Danny’s gonna take with him.

“I have no idea yet,” Danny said. “Probably some big fights coming up at my house the next couple months.”

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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