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Teddy Bridgewater wants to be an inspiration

By Matthew Coller

During Teddy Bridgewater’s 14 months away from the field, he held onto a mantra that drove him to keep working to come back. The Vikings’ quarterback wanted to be able to share his story of beating the odds to return to the field.

Bridgewater spoke with the media Thursday for the first time this season and one day after returning to practice for the first time since suffering a severe knee injury last August.

“I learned a lot about myself but I always tell myself it’s not about me,” Bridgewater said. “With this situation the biggest I took away was that I hope that someone out there who’s been counted out, who’s been doubted can look at my story and say here’s a guy who was once counted out.”

Bridgewater did not say when he expects to be back in game action, but said the Vikings have a plan over the next couple weeks to prepare him to return. He also said his goal is to return this year.

“I know I haven’t played in a football game yet but just being back on the practice field when I thought all hope was gone, I hope that my story can motivate someone,” Bridgewater said. “I always talk about it to my friends back home and all the little kids back home that there’s going to be doubt, there’s going to be people counting you but look at me.

Bridgewater cited teammate Terence Newman as having helped him through the process. He spent a good chunk of his rehab in Minnesota and has been in meetings and running practice scripts after the team was finished for the day. But when he did return to the Miami area, Bridgewater tried to share what he’s learned from his recovery.

“I was home a lot throughout this time and I was able to speak to kids and tell them, remind them, reassure them that the future is bright,” Bridgewater said. “So that’s the biggest thing I took away from being injured.”

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