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Aaron Rodgers calls Zimmer an ‘innovator,’ praises Griffen

By Matthew Coller

The Minnesota Vikings spent Wednesday morning praising Aaron Rodgers. Head coach Mike Zimmer said he couldn’t remember facing a quarterback who could do all the things that Rodgers can. Pass rusher Everson Griffen said Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rodgers showed equal respect for his two upcoming foes.

”Mike is an innovator,” Rodgers said. “He’s brought concepts to the league that other people have tried to copy but not with anywhere near the kind of success he’s had, both in Cincinnati and Minnesota. He’s just a really smart coach. He has his guys well prepared.”

Rodgers and Zimmer split their matchups last season with the Vikings winning 17-14 at US Bank Stadium and sacking Rodgers five times.

“They do a good job of disguising things, making a lot of different looks the exact same then running different coverages and pressures out of it,” Rodgers said. “He’s done some things that were ahead of his time and people have tried to copy and haven’t been able to. I call that an innovator.”

One of the five sacks came from Griffen, who has 9.0 sacks in 14 career games against the Packers. Rodgers said he’s always been impressed with Griffen’s size and speed.

”I remember watching him on punt team as a gunner,” Rodgers said. “I said, ‘Who’s this humongous guy out of the gunner? He’s huge, he’s fast. I remember a touchdown I threw to Jordy [Nelson] in the Metrodome where he almost caught him. He was in the back side of the play and almost ran Jordy down.”

”He’s a phenomenal pass rusher,” Rodgers added. “He has all the moves. He’s strong, he has a great spin move. He can stab, he can power, speed-to-power, power-to-rip. He can walk a guy back into your lap. He can do it all.”

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