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Conflicting reports, hysteria and the cloudy situation with Sam Bradford’s knee

By Matthew Coller

Following Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Zimmer would only say that Sam Bradford would be “fine” after missing the game with a knee injury.

Less than 24 hours later, Zimmer again stood in front of the media and offered few details.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” the Minnesota Vikings’ head coach said, adding that Bradford was doing better on Monday.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a long-term thing, but honestly I have no idea,” Zimmer said.

Bradford’s absence in Pittsburgh sparked a number of reports from different “Insiders,” some saying that the Vikings’ quarterback had an MRI, some saying his discomfort related to damage done to Bradford’s knee from two ACL surgeries and another on Monday from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissaro stating that Bradford simply had a bone bruise.

Zimmer said that Bradford didn’t take any type of hit in Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints, but felt something during the game.

“I don’t think it’s a result of the surgeries, I think he twisted it or something during the game” Zimmer said.

Bradford Knee Mystery Theatre hasn’t left us with nothing more than uncertainty and an opportunity to use our imaginations.

What if Case Keenum has to start the rest of the year? Will Teddy Bridgewater be ready to start soon? (A report coincidentally dropped in on Sunday about Teddy’s health, *hmmm emoji*). Could the Vikings sign Colin Kaepernick? Maybe they should have signed him already and we wouldn’t be in this position.

Hold the bus.

The NFL is a giant pot of speculation and much of its entertainment value (outside of gambling) is rooted in fun what-if scenarios, but with the Vikings’ quarterback situation, it’s impossible to know which direction to even lean.

Bradford has been almost completely healthy over the last two seasons, starting 14 games in Philadelphia in 2015 and 15 games for the Vikings last season despite TJ Clemmings’ existence at left tackle.

So there haven’t been any signs that his knee would suddenly crumble. But the fact that he got hurt without taking a big hit makes you wonder if it could be a chronic issue. When the Vikings signed Bradford, a bunch of NFL analysts pointed out that the Vikings gave up too much for a QB with past issues, but he was fine for the entire 2016 season. How can anyone know for sure which direction this is going to go?

You could see a scenario in which Bradford is fine next week and never looks back or one where he’s in and out of the lineup and we see a half dozen starts from Case Keenum.

What’s difficult about not having a clue whether the starting QB is going to be in or not is that the Vikings have to make a decision at QB by the end of the year, assuming they don’t franchise tag Bradford.

The destruction of New Orleans was Step 1 of 16 toward finding out whether Bradford should be signed to a long-term contract – one that could run the Vikings in the range of $125 million. Every game that he misses reduces the sample size and increases concern over the long-term health of his knee.

And, after all, the Vikings have already reached the quota of quarterbacks with an unclear future because of a knee injury.

While Zimmer was in a more chatty mood Monday than he was right after the loss – even going as far as to apologize for his terse responses on Sunday – he couldn’t give much indication of where this situation is headed.

So unless somebody finds that crystal ball, we can only imagine where the Vikings’ quarterback saga will take us next.

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