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Adrian Peterson tries to set record straight about 2016 injury

By Matthew Coller

One thing became clear from Adrian Peterson’s conference call with the Minnesota media on Thursday: Peterson is aware that he was criticized for the way his knee injury and return was handled last season.

Asked about whether Peterson expects to be kindly received by Vikings fans on Monday night when he returns to US Bank Stadium with the New Orleans Saints, the future Hall of Fame running back said he anticipates a warm welcome.

“I don’t see why it would be any other way,” Peterson said. “A lot of good memories there and being the face of the franchise for so long, giving them everything I’ve got. I don’t think it would take a rocket scientist to see when I was on the field, I was giving max effort with everything I did.”

Peterson said last season was a “prime example” of how he left nothing on the table as a Minnesota Viking. But last year, he was scrutinized, even by some teammates according to one report, over his decision to completely repair a torn meniscus suffered against the Green Bay Packers. The surgery he chose came along with a six month recovery – though it was widely reported that there are other options for a meniscus tear that result in a faster return.

“Last year I tore 90 percent of my meniscus,” Peterson said. “All the advice I was getting was if you cut this out, you’ll be bone on bone. If you have surgery to repair it, there’s a 50 percent chance that the meniscus doesn’t heal.”

Peterson went into great detail to explain what he did during the year to set up a late-season return.

“I went through the surgery and got it repaired and it was a six to eight month recovery,” Peterson said. “So the talks from within everyone from the team was like ‘Well, you can start the rehab and get ready to come back during OTAs, minicamp depending on the healing process.’

“That’s what they were telling me. I was like ‘No, I believe in a higher power and I want to get out there and help my team win.’ So I’m going to get the meniscus repaired and I’m going to call up the people I know, whether it’s the blood flow restriction therapy or hyperbaric chamber or the stem cells that I was able to get done or the ozone therapy that I did. This all came out of my pocket. I was doing this every week, spending $10,000 a week to come back out there in the hopes of us making it to the playoffs…that’s what I had my mindset on when everybody else was telling me something totally different.

The Vikings’ all-time rusher felt heat from how he handled returning to the lineup. He announced his return on a radio show he invests in, then sat out the final two games after the Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs. Peterson said an additional injury did not allow him to play against Green Bay and Chicago and that his fast return to play against the Colts is evidence of his mentality as a Viking.

“That’s what I gave to the state of Minnesota and to the Vikings organization,” he said. “I didn’t sit back and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to collect a check.’ I was fighting.”

When the relationship officially came to an end, Peterson said that he did not have many conversations with the Vikings about a return and added that it was not an “ego blow” to have his long-time team move on to Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray.

Peterson said he watched Cook play at Florida State and in the preseason and was impressed.

“I think the sky is the limit for him,” Peterson said. “Obviously, watching him at Florida State and seeing that he has great ability and seeing a couple clips of him during the preseason as well, I feel like his potential is to the sky. He has good vision, he’s really quick, explosive, a good receiving back as well.”

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