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Vikings’ Jarius Wright Still Finding Ways To Find An Edge

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MANKATO, Minn. (WCCO) — Jarius Wright is not new to training camp. It is a world of familiarity.

“I wouldn’t say it was easy or anything, because it’s still training camp. But it’s a little bit easier just knowing what to expect and knowing what we’re trying to get done here as a team,” Wright said.

Wright understands the playbook. He also understands there’s a number of different wide receivers on this team, very few differentiating themselves from the others. So being a smart football player is a big part of getting on the field for Mike Zimmer.

That’s the game for a vet — keep finding ways to find an edge.

“It doesn’t intimidate me anymore, and like you said, I go out and just play and don’t think about things like that,” Wright said. “At the same time there’s always something new you can learn, maybe about a route or maybe a way to run it or something like that. So even though I do understand the offense and know how to run routes and get things done, there’s always little fine-tuned points that you can always take coaching from.”

And he’s working on a rapport with Sam Bradford.

“His before thinking the play, what he’s thinking, and try to match it up with what we’re thinking, as far on certain routes and different things like that. Right now it’s just all about being on the same page going into the season,” Wright said.

All parts of being a vet.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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