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Mackey & Judd: The Vikings shouldn’t bring back Adrian Peterson

By 1500espn

PHIL MACKEY: On, our buddy Matthew Coller has posted — this is the most popular story on our website today–

JUDD ZULGAD: Of course it is.

PHIL MACKEY: –Just got the report: 7 moves the Minnesota Vikings shouldn’t make this offseason. Let me go through these, I’ll throw them out there and we can agree or disagree with Matthew Coller. If you want to follow along while listening to this segment, you’re welcome to go to the website, Number 1 – these are 7 moves the Vikings shouldn’t make – re-signing Adrian Peterson.

JUDD ZULGAD: Slam dunk, he is absolutely correct. That’s an easy one.

PHIL MACKEY: Yeah, I think we agree on that. Even if – and he writes what was in my head here – ‘Even if the price is $500,000, the Vikings should move on. Not just because he’s 32, but he also doesn’t fit in an offense that requires running backs to double as receivers. His need to be the centerpiece of the Vikings’ offense could be distracting to a team ready to make Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen its stars.’

7 moves the Minnesota Vikings shouldn’t make this offseason

PHIL MACKEY: Yeah, don’t be afraid to make Stefon Diggs the guy who catches 100 passes, the guy who has 1,300 yards receiving and a handful of touchdowns. In fact, Stefon Diggs, he missed two or three games last year and still caught like 80 passes and close to or over 1,000 yards. So he would have been – that was a breakout season by all definitions even though he had some injury issues last year. Make him your star.

JUDD ZULGAD: You know what. With Peterson, it’s been great. And someday he’ll come back to U.S. Bank Stadium and his jersey, the 28, will raise to the rafters and you’ll celebrate his career. But for now it’s time to move on.

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