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Brady solidifies status as the best QB ever with Super Bowl win

By Matthew Coller

Well, fellow sports radio stations, we can still debate whether college athletes should be paid or whether the LeBron is better than Jordan, but the “Best QB ever” talker is officially off the table.

With his 466-yard performance in a 25-point comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LII, Tom Brady is the undisputed best quarterback in NFL history.

Before Sunday night, it was fair to hold him up against the likes of Joe Montana or Peyton Manning, but now that he is the all-time leader in Super Bowl wins and will also finish his career – at absolute worst – as No. 4 in history in touchdowns and yards, it’s impossible to say anyone else tops his career.

Brady also currently sits third in career passer rating and Adjusted Yards Per Attempt and will take over the lead for most regular season wins next year (Brady currently sits three behind Manning and Favre).

New England’s quarterback improved to 25-9 in postseason play with his 34-28 victory and has 10 playoff game-winning drives. That’s four more playoff game-winning drives than the next best QB, John Elway. Brady is also No. 1 in playoff comeback wins, playoff passing yards and playoff touchdowns. In second place, Montana trails Brady’s touchdown mark by 18.

There will always be frustrated fans who point to Deflate Gate or Spy Gate as reason to downplay Brady’s accomplishments. That may have held some water in the past, but not after two decades of greatness and five titles.

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