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Roger is right: It’s about time NFL speeded up its game

By Matthew Coller

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Roger Goodell would be smart to start copy-catting other commissioners who want to make their games faster.

Last year, baseball put a time limit on between-innings warm-ups. In the minor leagues, pitchers were pushed along by a clock, which every Triple-A team installed within view of the umpire. Two weeks ago, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, widely regarded as the league leader in give-a-bleep when it comes to fans, said he would like to quicken the long-bemoaned final two minutes.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert reports from Goodell’s Super Bowl-week press conference that the commish is considering changes to push games along. Speaking of pushed along, Goodell acknowledged that the league was nudged into some tweaks by an eight percent drop in viewership.

There are many explanations for the dip, election coverage being the most notable, but regardless of whether ratings are booming or sinking like a stone, the NFL should be exhausting its options to keep the fans who are watching.

Saying you want to speed up the game and actually doing it are two different matters. Goodell laid out some potential options during his chat with reporters. He mentioned reducing the amount of time that teams have to get their kickoff and return units on the field, using tablets for replay reviews, getting rid of the replay announcement by the official and reducing the number of commercial breaks from five to four per quarter.

You would hope that cutting one commercial break would mean getting rid of the most senseless stoppage in sports: The extra point-commercial-kickoff-commercial break that is dreadful to sit through.

Referee explanations are necessary and don’t take very long, but the replay system has always been problematic. If the league had an off-field official reviewing plays or had a setup to review them in the league office like Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, it might add some haste. By the time the refs walk over to their little booth, most of America has already figured out whether Wide Receiver X caught the ball or not.

When replay was introduced, there was a clock, but the officials always seemed to go over their allotted time. How about bringing the replay clock back and sticking to it?

There are probably 50 other ways the NFL could shave a few minutes here or there off and cut down on the number of times East Coasters have to stay up past midnight for prime time games. One example might be letting the clock keep running after penalties so the teams can’t sloooowwwwwly wander back to their spots. Outlaw freezing the kicker. Predetermine the overtime coin toss instead of having to do it over again at midfield. Cut the play clock by five seconds.

However the NFL does it, games extending past three hours have become too commonplace and there isn’t enough actual action to justify it. made this pie chart based on a Wall Street Journal study

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