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Peterson says he has ‘at least seven more years’

By Matthew Coller

Adrian Peterson made it clear on locker clean out day that he doesn’t believe in the age curve for running backs.

“I know that I have at least seven more years,” Peterson said. “In my mind, I’m thinking if God’s willing, I stay healthy, I’ll play five more. And it’s going to be at a high level. So that’s the way that I envision things going for me when it comes to my career and how I think about it.”

Peterson acknowledged both the possibility that he may have to take a pay cut after this season in order to remain in Minnesota and that he might end up in a different team’s uniform.

“I’m going into this thinking about my guys and wanting to be back with my guys and realizing at the end of the day it is a business,” Peterson said. “I always let the chips fall where they may. I would love to finish my career here, try to help bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota.”

The Vikings’ running back missed all but three games this season with a torn meniscus, carrying the ball 37 times for 72 yards. Peterson explained the decision to have a full repair of his meniscus.

“It was a possibility but it wasn’t anything that doctors recommended because I tore 90 percent of it (lateral meniscus),” Peterson said. “If it was like 10 percent I would have trimmed it off and been back in a couple weeks. But 90 percent of your meniscus being gone, especially with how it worked out and how I play the game, it could have been six months to a year before I was bone on bone.

“With me knowing I have a lot left in the tank, it would have been crazy to cut off 90 percent of meniscus. So that’s why I had the option of getting it repaired and taking the long route.”

Peterson said he sat out the final two games of the season because he was battling more injuries rather than because the Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs.

Teammate Captain Munnerlyn said it would be unfortunate if Peterson, who has gained 11,747 yards during his career, ended up playing for another team next year.

“I hope they work out the situation for him, because personally, I know he wanted to be here. I think he’s a guy who wants to start here and finish.

“You look at Steve Smith, he was in Carolina forever. He had to go finish his career with the Baltimore Ravens. It was like ‘wow, I never thought I’d see Steve Smith playing in another jersey when was in Carolina. That’s definitely the business side of it. Teams try to do what’s best for them and what’s best for the organization. He was one of the best to ever do it. To let go of a talent like him it’s like ‘wow, why?’ We’ll see how [Peterson’s] situation goes.”

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