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Struggling kicker Blair Walsh misses another extra point in loss

By Derek Wetmore

Blair Walsh missed another extra point and I’m not sure anyone has any answers any more.

We found out last week that Blair Walsh himself had run out of answers. He was critical of the media for asking the same questions over and over, and said that he’d continue the interview if somebody could come up with an original question.

I don’t think that was a reflection of his personality, I think that clearly he was at his wit’s end and frustrated by the constant drumbeat of the narrative that he won’t come through with kicks in big moments.

If that was his reaction then, with the cameras on, he couldn’t have been thrilled privately this week when the Vikings tried out a half-dozen kickers to see if any was good enough to take his job. Ultimately they decided that Walsh was their kicker and they’d stick with him.

When asked why the Vikings auditioned several other kickers, head coach Mike Zimmer didn’t hide any of his cards, answering the question with a question of his own. “You haven’t been watching all year?”

It seems that with every passing week, the numbers of Vikings fans who want Blair Walsh as their team’s kicker is shrinking. Obviously, though, fans don’t make the decisions. The Vikings will have to make that decision.

Blair Walsh has now converted 15 of his 19 extra point attempts this year. The Vikings are the worst team in the league in that measure, at 80 percent, according to

And obviously the extra points are not the only issue, nor is this the first time problems have cropped up for the Vikings’ talented but troubled kicker. He’s also missed four field goals this season. He missed a field goal from 27 yards in last year’s playoffs that would have sent the Vikings to the next round. He also two field goals and an extra point in a 23-20 loss to the Broncos last season, just months after signing his 4-year, $14 million contract extension.

No competition: Blair Walsh ‘is our kicker,’ GM Rick Spielman says

Here’s what GM Rick Spielman told reporters about Walsh at the midpoint of last season: “Blair is going through a little bit of a slump here right now. But I think there’s no question he is our kicker. I know coach [Mike Zimmer] made that statement. And Blair is working extremely hard to try to get through this. And we’re doing everything we can, with [special teams coordinator Mike] Priefer on our end, to get through this.”

“People forget [that] Blair, a couple years ago, he’s a young kicker that was in a Pro Bowl,” Spielman said.

Clayton is an NFL insider, and the guess here is that he’s not the only one thinking that after the most recent miss.

You have to figure with that missed extra point that this is Blair Walsh’s last game with the Vikings.

— John Clayton (@ClaytonESPN) November 13, 2016

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