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Vikings guard Boone to change helmet after concussion

By Matthew Coller

Minnesota Vikings guard Alex Boone is out of concussion protocol and said Wednesday that he hopes a new helmet will help him avoid head injuries in the future.

Boone said he’s been wearing a helmet that isn’t made anymore. He will make a change to more modern equipment at the behest of his family.

“My wife and my oldest asked me to try a new helmet because they don’t want to wheel me around when I’m 35, so I will be trying a new helmet this week and from here on out.

“My old one, the one that I love, is actually not made anymore. It’s actually one of the oldest ones you can wear and probably is the oldest one in the NFL but I’ve always worn it and always loved it so now I’m going to have to upgrade to this new fancy one that I’m not excited about.”

The Vikings’ guard has been remarkably durable during his career, but has battled a number of injuries this season despite missing only one game. Boone also said he was frustrated by having to miss last week’s game against the Lions, but agreed that it was better for his long-term outlook.

“It’s annoying, I understand it but it’s a process, this is a brutal game and it is what it is. Sometimes you get hit in the head and things go wrong. I have kids and the last thing I want to do is have them take care of me at 35. It’s hard because I want to play and I want to do everything but I have to be a dad at the same time.

“I know what’s going to happen to me some day, I’m not worried about that. I signed up for this a long time ago and I love this game more than anything. I know what’s going to happen, but if I can try to help myself to be smarter and be better, then I will.”

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